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How well organized a document is gives the incentive of delving into what a writer has put forth or appalls the reader from the piece of writing altogether. The organization of a…
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Exam3 Question An outline of the organization of a document usually gives the content of a at a glance. How well organized a document is gives the incentive of delving into what a writer has put forth or appalls the reader from the piece of writing altogether. The organization of a document may vary from a writer to writer, but there is always a definite standard outline of formatting a document. This comprises the cover page, table of content, executive summary, body paragraphs and the conclusion.
The cover page usually includes information such as contacts of the writer, general ideas of the writer, the necessary notices, and the date the work was done or modified. This is followed by the table of content that gives a listing of the key sections of the document. This is then followed by an executive summary, which in most cases, is written last after the whole document has been prepared. It usually helps refine and polish the key message of the writing. This is then followed by body the document’s body, which is usually an in-depth explanation of a writer’s ideas. Coming last is the conclusion that provides a summary of the key ideas presented in the body paragraphs.
Strategies of Organizing a Document
This process involves a preparation that often involves establishing the purpose of the document, assessing the audience, determining the scope of writing as well as selecting the appropriate medium of conveying the message. Research and literature review then follows where the writer seeks to understand the work before he conveys it. Organization follows, and this is where the writer considers options of how best to convey his message and what to convey in his message. The writer then writes a draft where he expands the outline into paragraphs not worrying about the grammar. The final phase is the revision phase where he checks for completeness and accuracy, spelling checks, review mechanics as well as acronyms and abbreviations.
Question # 2
Being capable of preparing and delivering a public presentation has more advantages over giving a spontaneous one. It has the advantage of knowing who your audience is, which helps the speaker establish issues of importance such as how many they are, what they already know to avoid duplication of information, why they are there, what they think, and who they really are. It also gives the speaker the advantage of knowing when the occasion will be occurring, the exact timing of the occasion, as well as the duration it will take. In addition, it also enables the speaker to carry out a reconnaissance of the presentation venue and thus familiarizing his or herself with it. It also helps the speaker determine his or her focuses thereby determining his interests combine it with those of the audience and coming to a point of intersection. It is also necessary to choose the right presentation technology that best suits your information. These may include digital projectors with a computer, overhead projector with transparencies, whiteboard/chalkboard, Flip charts, posters and handouts (Johnson-Sheehan 579-581). It also helps in determining the best format to present ideas through establishing the best presentation type. By knowing audience’s interest, the speaker can choose among persuasive presentation style, informative presentation style, entertaining presentation style or a combination of both or all of them to achieve optimal results.
Question # 3
Social network is a reach out strategy that a person can employ to communicate with other people without a physical meet. Social networking is executed through many platforms, which include social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and google just to cite a few. They usually have the advantage of saving the time and costs incurred when having a physically meeting. It also has the advantage of gauging someone’s nature and attitudes thereby having handy information on how to handle someone when you physically meet. Social networking can be used to advertise one’s skills and experiences in their areas of specialization thus allowing them to make career advancements in the event they are spotted and given the necessary support and opportunity to advance those skills.
Bonus Question
The third word of the third line of page 333 is ‘information’
Work Cited
Johnson-Sheehan, Richard. Technical Communication Today, Fourth Edition 978-0-205-17119- 4, 2015. Print. Read More
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