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Weekly questions - Assignment Example

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By a “moral sense”, Wilson implies the internal right and wrong pointer or sensor within an individual that tells them what is wrong and right (Wilson 23-25). Wilson’s theory is grounded on the premise that an individual develops an inborn sense that develops as he or she…
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Weekly questions
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Download file to see previous pages Wilson notes that individuals do what is required of them and are well-mannered and identify incidences where the requirement for confirmation is best for the community. One of the primary attributes of societies that Wilson identifies is society members share collective principles, and it appears as if regulations are a form of the collective principles for the advancement of the society (Wilson 37-40). According to Wilson (42), both law and morals purpose to dictate people’s behavior. While the law involves sanctions for disobedience, morality involves incentives, both positive and negative.
Homer’s society has no rationality of wickedness or guilt, and personal internal control is absent. Instead, people in the society are controlled and guided by social rules. However, this may be confusing since an individual may not know what to think of it (Wilson 45). This is because if they are not guided by conscience, but social rules, how did people developed the need to appease other people and collaborate within the society. On the other hand, Plato sees the people as controlled by internal conscience that attempts to achieve harmony within every individual (Wilson 53-5).
In Omelas, the child suffered in place of the whole community, and thereafter everyone went on with their business and activities in a paradise with no sin or guilt. All this was done in order to keep the boy in the basement away from the public. Everyone who had interacted with the boy only kicked his food, and he could not apprehend what was going on (Wilson 63-68). Notably, the city is in peace, and everyone is in pleasure simply because the boy is suffering and kept away. To make matters worse, the people know that the boy is there, and they are okay with it. In this case, everyone in the city chooses pleasure over morality.
Though it has been decades since his death, Freud set a center stage for continued research. This is because even up to today, some of his theories are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Weekly Questions Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4500 Words.
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