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Social Media encourages Narcissism, leading society to a word with no personal interaction - Research Paper Example

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The victim is highly preoccupied with power, prestige, vanity, and has no empathy. Narcissistic personality disorder is associated with what…
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Social Media encourages Narcissism, leading society to a word with no personal interaction
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Extract of sample "Social Media encourages Narcissism, leading society to a word with no personal interaction"

Download file to see previous pages However, there are several states upon which the social media shall be integrated into the encouragement of Narcissism; hence, lead to a world with no personal interactions. Social media networks are the most to blame for the narcissism that is being witnessed among people based on their endless encouragement of the self-reliance on user-generated content; hence, the promotion of selfish tendencies.
Narcissistic personality disorder has led to scholars such as Twenge, and Campbell do research on the causes of this situation. According to the two, Narcissism is brought about by four main methods; Media obsession with the celebrities, changes in education, child-rearing and last but not least lending of funds by the financial institutions. Twenge and Campbell have quite a large amount of data that show how narcissism has greatly influenced the younger generation in the wrong direction. Among the evidence collected by about fifty thousand college students in 2006, approximately ten percent of the Americans met narcissism personality disorder in their early 20s and about 15% in the same cohort had extreme narcissistic behaviors. May this was the reason why DSM-V proposed that personality disorder was normal (p. 274). In this regard, social media is the most platform to be largely blamed for the rise of narcissism in that through it, persons are only interested with self-consciousness and interactive life based on gratification of personal and not societal interests.
Social media encourage narcissism through the destruction of the social networks initially encountered in homes. In recent past, few families spend time together talking since the larger portion of their time is overtaken by activities in the social media and technological advancements. This way, it can be argued that narcissistic personality disorder is a menace to the younger and older generations.
About two-thirds of the college students are victims of the situation brought about by narcissism ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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