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BodyBuilding And Steroids - Research Paper Example

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Thesis statement: This work argues that natural anabolic substances like ecdysterone or beta-ecdysone, methoxyisoflavone, also called methoxy or methoxivone, and ipriflavone or 7-isoproposyisovlavone, and foods like spinach, quinoa, wild oats, eggs, celery, and fava beans can…
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BodyBuilding And Steroids
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Download file to see previous pages Methoxyisoflavone, also called methoxy or methoxivone, is neither hormonal nor steroidal but is an anabolically effective compound that can result in significant weight gain (Ptacek, Shackman, and Ullis 281).
IV. It is evident from the analysis that the synthetic steroids inevitably bring a large number of side effects along with a lean mass and they can be successfully replaced by natural anabolic substances like ecdysterone methoxyisoflavone, and ipriflavone and foods like spinach, quinoa, wild oats, eggs, celery, and fava beans.
Ptacek, Greg, Joshua Shackman, and Karlis Ullis. Super “T”: The Complete Guide to Creating an Effective, Safe, and Natural Testosterone Supplement Program for Men and Women. New York: Fireside, 1999. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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