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The effect that war has on soldiers mentality - Research Paper Example

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The battlefield presents to a soldier glaring experiences of death as he has to have the enemy gunned down or succumb to the opponent’s fiery bullets. For most surviving war veterans, the events at the battlefield couldn’t leave them unscathed as they have been seen to be…
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The effect that war has on soldiers mentality
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Download file to see previous pages This study therefore attempts to explore the effects that war has on a soldier’s mentality, or what some scholars refer to as the emotional or psychological effects of war on soldiers.
Studies carried out by psychologists’ indicate that soldiers ideally face psychological disorders associated with wars. In the novel ‘yellow birds’ by Kevin Powers, a story is told of a 21 year old soldier who went to war in Iraq and lost a friend ,Murph ,during combat. The soldier narrates his ordeal during the war and its aftermath in his life on now he’s faced with legal, emotional and psychological battles that he needs to cope up with forever (Powers 10).Below is a discussion on the various metal disorders soldiers are prone to, not exclusively from Powers’ narrative piece, but also from the voices of other scholars in this field.
The experiences in the battlefield-in most cases after combat- does leave soldiers with unpleasant physical and mental ‘injuries’ that they have to nurse upon coming back home, or long after the war has ended. The mental injuries normally present themselves in the form of mental illnesses. Martinez et al, (73) enumerates the various forms of mental illnesses that soldiers are prone to. They include; the post traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety disorders, and alcohol or substance abuse. The living evidence of these is to be seen in the lives of surviving war veterans. The post emotional effect of war in them is distressing and hurting, not just for them but their families’ alike. Each of these mental disorders is discussed below.
One of the main effects of war on the mental health of soldiers is the Post-traumatic stress. It occurs after one does experience or witness a life threatening event like the scenes in a military combat. Key symptoms of this illness include nightmares, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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