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Nodding Syndrome - Assignment Example

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This essay, Nodding Syndrome, declares that the project is a discussion about Nodding Syndrome which mainly affects children and their no cure found till date. The disease was first discovered in the year 1990, when it first appeared in the south of Sudan…
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Extract of sample "Nodding Syndrome"

The project is a discussion about Nodding Syndrome which mainly affects children and their no cure found till date. The disease was first discovered in the year 1990, when it first appeared in the south of Sudan. The cause of the disease is still unknown. The symptoms of the syndrome are uncontrollable nodding and seizures. Most recently it was found in a village, which is in northern Uganda which is not located in any maps but has become famous because of the disease. A reporter witnessed this disease as he was led to a child affected with nodding syndrome. The child could not even speak his name when asked to do so. All the children gradually started being the victim of this disease. The villagers are so afraid and clueless that they want to know how it is effecting their children. The centre for disease control has been researching bout the syndrome for the past three years but they are unable to come up with a possible reason for the disease. Even after taking several blood and tissue samples, the explanation is still not clear. As a result of this, Bukuluku, a local researcher, is trying to find out his own answer. According to him, it is not important to find out the reason for the epidemic to happen, but more important to stop the disease from effecting the children. There is an alternate belief in the village in Aber’s village, where Santa Olok’s daughter is also affected by this disease. According to her belief, she has been affected by the ancestor spirits. However, the main question that still remains to be answered as to why that particular region is being affected by the syndrome.
Work Cited
Kielty, Matthew. 'After Years Of War, Ugandan Children Face New Deadly Threat'. N.p., 2013. Web. 21 Oct. 2014. Read More
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