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The book The Tyranny of Experts by author Bill Easterly is a most appealing book, which raises many questions about the different policies of our world. The author of this book is an economist academician who is also that author of another famous book titled The White Man’s…
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Download file to see previous pages He says that this thought is not the solution but rather the main problem. He claims that the government or all the people on the top are mostly in competent, tyrannical, and corrupt in their ways. The question that Easterly raises out of this book is that whether this philanthropy of the rich is a sham or actually, it points to an imperfect democracy.
Throughout the book, Easterly goes on to condemn the act of the technocrats who claim to be helping the people from the clutch of poverty and in turn are crumpling their rights with these supposed remedies or solutions (Birrell). He notes that more than often these remedies, which are designed by these technocrats, are often imported from abroad. Further, these designs are although very impressive to hear in the beginning however, they have very little regard to the local conditions existing in the place it has to be implemented. Therefore, when these so-called remedies are put into effort they destroy the conditions of the economy and the people and harm them more than helping them in return. The author also shows that in most cases the autocratic economies have worse economic growth even in comparison to the democratic economies. She attributes this finding with the fact that the liberties, which are offered to the civilians, are highly essential for the free exchanging of the ideas, further this free exchange of the ideas would lead to the discovery of innovation, which would change the face of the world and ensure success. Moreover the author also points out the term innovation was coined as a term of abuse. What the author tries to make the world realize is that freedom is the solution to the problems of poverty. He claims that the arrogance of the Western thought should be abolished. He claims in this passionate argument that the approach of economic development of pitying and offering pre thought out solutions has to be stopped because these ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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