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Reading Journal: A Piece of Cake (APOC) - Assignment Example

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The quote indicates Diane’s irresponsibility for a home she heads. Moreover, she is so elusive and armed with ready excuses. Obviously, what she says…
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Reading Journal: A Piece of Cake (APOC)
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Extract of sample "Reading Journal: A Piece of Cake (APOC)"

CHAPTER 6 Question She must have been sleepwalking again and wandered off. She does that a lot.” Question 2 The chapter is about reunion of the writer to the foster home, thanks to the police rescue from the harsh conditions outside. The quote indicates Diane’s irresponsibility for a home she heads. Moreover, she is so elusive and armed with ready excuses. Obviously, what she says is a blatant lie, and the writer knows that quite well. Diane’s is a case of a wolf in a ship’s clothing. The foster kids suffer great due to this personality.
Question 3
Cases of parental neglect of children are very many, but the parents often find their way out through lame excuses. I ever watched a TV program called Corazone Indomable, and the same incidence occurred in one episode. A mother let her three-year-old son loose in a supermarket. He ran out through the back door only to land into the hands of highway police officers in a pathetic state. The mother later twisted the story that her son was kidnapped.
Question 4
The reading is quite a relief after a moment of suspense concerning the writer’s fate in the outside the foster home. Her return home could have sorted out her miserable life in the home if only she could open up to the police even before they arrived at the home. Her silence and fear only multiplies the amount of suffering in store for her and other kids, something she had the opportunity to reverse, but blew it away.
Question 1
“Maybe they didn’t really mean to hurt you, but somehow during y’all’s wrestling it got out of hand. Nobody could be that mean. That’s just downright evil.”
Question 2
The reading encompasses the troubles and tribulations of the writer, her on and offs from the Diane’s foster home. The writer has developed quite much from the young woman she used to be to a grown up woman ready to bear a child. The quote depicts Tim as a concerned and caring man. Very few stray fathers do call their mistresses to check on them. Tim must be a good man though his act of impregnating the writer was wrong.
Question 3
Some colleagues of mine down in the estate once beat me up after a fight broke out over a missing ball. The four boys descended upon me and left me bleeding. When I arrived home, my father consoled me and reasoned out that my colleagues were only trying to express their love for me. He told me that children do fight to strengthen their relationships. He urged me not to give up on my colleagues. He even bought me a new ball to replace the missing one.
Question 4
The writer’s life is a series of high and low tides. She attracts sympathy from many people, but she fails to capitalize on the opportunities to change her life. Her return to San Diego, for instance, could have opened new avenues for her, but she blew up the whole of it until she found her way back to the very hell from which she escaped. There is something amiss with the writer. She ceased being younger and should not be falling into such easy traps that intensify her abuse.
TOPIC – Reunion
Main Idea
Reunion occurs in many instances in across the chapters, and the writer learns from them
Supporting Details
i. Reunion with Diane after the police officer rescued her on the highway.
ii. Reunion with Uncle Jr. in San Diego
iii. Reunion with her former schoolmates in San Diego
Description – Life in the two foster homes (Diane and Basinette’s) is described in a systematic way to paint out the real picture of the treatment and experiences of the writer and her fellow colleagues residing there.
Critical Thinking
i. Will the writer ever find her rightful abode now that she has blown up all avenues of a new beginning?
ii. How is the law protecting children against abuse when law enforcement agents handle clear cases as the writer’s in a messy way?
Works Cited
Brown, Cupcake. A Piece of Cake: A Memoir. New York: Three Rivers Press, 2007. Read More
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Reading Journal: A Piece of Cake (APOC)

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