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Thesis statement: Henry Ford rose from a humble background and followed his interest in machines to become an engineer and later founded Ford Motor Company which he steered to glory through critical and witty decision making and strategy formulation and implementation.
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Henry Ford
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Download file to see previous pages His deeds towards his workers made him a humanitarian in the eyes of many as he worked towards alleviating the poor from poverty through better pay and working conditions. His consistency and innovative mind ensured the success of his company over the years even after his death in 1947.
Henry ford and ford motor company are two names that forever changed the history of human mobility. Ford changed not only the motor vehicle industry but also industrialization in general. Ford was born in 1863 in Greenfield Michigan (Curcio, 2013). His parents were of Irish and Belgian descent. His engineering expertise emerged early in life where by 15 years he was able to repair watches. However, his ingenuity was often cut short by the constant farm duties. Ford, at 16 years, went to Detroit for greener pastures. He undertook a series of jobs both during the day and in the evening. He particularly loved repairing watches and this made him famous and scooped him the much needed supplemental income. Ford left Detroit three years later to work as a steam engine operator. Henry Ford rose from a humble background and followed his interest in machines to become an engineer and later founded Ford Motor Company which he steered to glory through critical and witty decision making and strategy formulation and implementation.
His enthusiasm and interest in knowing more about such engines saw him acquire a job at Westinghouse to service their engines. He still worked in the farm although this was far away from his passion. By now he had married Clara Bryant and they settled on an expansive piece of land offered by Ford’s father. They were to stay there so far as they used the land for farming activities. Ford seized the opportunity and cut the many trees on the land for commercial purposes. Unfortunately, there were no more trees left and since he disliked farming, he went back to the city. This dislike of farming led him ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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