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Her bitterness describes the uttermost hatred she holds towards males. As the poem begins, the poet attempts to describe the thirty years with her daddy and later possibly husband…
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Paraphrasing, Summarizing, and Describing a Poem
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Daddy Introduction
The first stanza of the "Daddy", the poet, describes her bitterness towards her daddy. Her bitterness describes the uttermost hatred she holds towards males. As the poem begins, the poet attempts to describe the thirty years with her daddy and later possibly husband metaphorically as living inside a shoe. Certainly, a clear picture of male domination in society is even clearer when the poet confesses that for thirty years, she has been suffocated. In addition, the first stanza introduces the male-female power struggle community in a rather bitter manner. Drawn from the personal experience, the poet admits that life has been unbearable.
Besides, the speaker intelligently creates a figurative approach using the shoe as an explanation of the restriction of her freedom. According to the speaker, shoes limits feet movement inside and so is her daddy (Holbrook 12). Notably, the speaker sounds bitter and portrays her revenge towards the mistreatment she receives from male counterparts. Additionally, the beginning of this first stanza sets a remorseful environment that is sustained across the entire poem. While the writer appears to direct her bitterness and regrets towards her daddy, it should be clear that the daddy represents male category in the society that has continued derail freedom to the female counterparts.
The entire poem is full of metaphors that include black shoe, like a Nazi, like a Swastika and like a Vampire. The terms are intelligently used to summarize the views of the speaker towards male species. In her world, she finds men barbaric, cruel, just like Nazi, and she describes herself figuratively as a jew (Holbrook 12). Historically, Jews were racial persecuted during the harsh German rule through killing, maiming and racial cleansing. Surprisingly, the speaker plays this victim role and curses her daddy for high-handedness that described her earlier life.
The poem demystifies male chauvinism through a personal story that is characterized by substantial use of metaphors and imagery.
Work Cited
Holbrook, David. Sylvia Plath Poetry and Existence.. London: Bloomsbury Publishing, 2014. Print. Read More
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