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William Shakespeare - Assignment Example

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Without question, Alan Bernstein’s documentary entitled The Sweetest Sound was well received that it premiered to a sold-out audience at 2001 Berlin International Film. With this reception alone it can already said that the film was well worth making. After all, artists…
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William Shakespeare
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Extract of sample "William Shakespeare"

Teacher Alan Berliner invested more than three years of his life to the research and production of The Sweetest Sound. Was the final film worthy of such an investment of time and money?
Why or why not?
Without question, Alan Bernstein’s documentary entitled The Sweetest Sound was well received that it premiered to a sold-out audience at 2001 Berlin International Film. With this reception alone it can already said that the film was well worth making. After all, artists including filmmakers get the affirmation of the value of their work from how it is appreciated by the viewing public.
The film is considered brilliant because Bernstein explored a seemingly mundane topic which is so common that we often ignore it. In so doing, Bernstein created a name for himself by attempting to define what’s in a name? A topic so common we did not expect that it could be interesting to explore. In the process, Bernstein injected humor as he assigned people with moniker names including himself even as he try to get rid of the Same Name Syndrome.
My only concern is the amount of time and money that Bernstein put into it. I just think that three years is just too long to create a documentary that tackled a topic as mundane “what’s in a name?” But still, considering, the brilliance of the film that lodge Bernstein as one of the top independent film maker in the world make it worth making. Read More
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