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The ethnic identity of the speaker can be identified through the application of specific structural features. The features are used to identify ethnic variables. Ethnic minority speakers can use ethnic variables to…
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Note card assignment
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SOCIOLINGUISTICS Language and ethnic group The use of language is related to a speaker’s ethnic group. Theethnic identity of the speaker can be identified through the application of specific structural features. The features are used to identify ethnic variables. Ethnic minority speakers can use ethnic variables to make a social-lingual distinction from the ethnic majority speakers. Ethnic speech patterns have been determined to occur due to racial isolation (Spencer, p. 49). That is, when speakers are limited to their own ethnic variety without the inclusion of other ethnic groups in the society. Wider social contacts expand a speaker’s linguistic range.
Language and sex
Gender pattern results from the occurrence of a certain linguistic and non-linguistic variable of gender. The pattern describes the differences that arise in male and female speech behavior. Standard variants are used by women in stable variables than men of the same age group and social class under the same conditions (Spencer, p. 65). Nonstandard variants are used by in stable variants than women of the same age group and social class under the same conditions. Cognitive issues, human behavior and aptitudes suggest that there should be more research on language and sex.
Language and humanity
The society has created different roles for men and women. The effects of gender role and sexual discrimination influence the changes in linguistic behavior. Such changes, determine the role of equality in the society and the future of humanity. They could lead to certain consequences that are not favorable to humanity, for instance, the death of a language could occur. People tend to abandon their language because they feel inferior due to the unpopularity of their languages (Spencer, p. 189). In certain instances, other people avoid using their language due to unfavorable treatments and discrimination against people of that particular language. Speakers of all languages should be proud to pass their language to their generations as it defines humanity.
Work cited
Spencer, Edmund T.. Sociolinguistics. New York: Nova Science Publishers, 2011. Print. Read More
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