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Hastings and Payne article, “Expression of Dissent in Email: Qualitative Insights into Uses and Meanings of Organizational Dissent” provides an understanding of implications of dissent expressions used by employees through email (Hastings and Payne). It is interesting to…
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Read the article in its entirety,then answer those qestions
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Download file to see previous pages tionships of good relationship employees have with their supervisors and if organizational culture is conducive, open and there is fairness (Hastings and Payne 311). However, while expressing dissent some individuals state that email should never be used as a means to express dissent while some say that email is an appropriate way if the information contains facts and figures and contains no emotional tirade (Hastings and Payne 318).
These statements in the article are well quoted as they can be related to an incident that occurred in the previous workplace. A coworker responding to a supervisor used her venting out through email. As email is a medium where one cannot retrieve back the information and can be well recorded it had a negative impact on her work profile. In a similar incident, when another worker used telephone as a means of dissent he was still able to handle the controversy as he apologized and there was no record of the incident.
Hasting and Payne concludes by saying that email can be used as a constructive means of inviting dissent and discussions where emotions are kept aside and there is articulation of dissents focused on improving the organization (Hastings and Payne 327). If there is a chance to work in Human Resource Department, this aspect can be applied in the professional life as well because employee engagement and feedback can help organizations reduce conflicts and increase job satisfaction amongst employees.
Communication is very important to carry on the business effectively. Business Communication is very important as it the need of every organization to communicate with others to expand the course of their business. National Culture influences business communication as distinguishes the people of culture from other (Ulijn, OHair and Weggeman 300). The article explains the way how people change their views and ways of communication to deal with people belonging to different cultures. It is well known that English is an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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