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This introduction grabs my attention because it gives the audience a clear understanding of the entire story, which involves punching or fighting girls in school…
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Narration Critiques
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Narration Critique The introduction is quite compelling, especially when the mentions how she punched Danielle in the face. This introduction grabs my attention because it gives the audience a clear understanding of the entire story, which involves punching or fighting girls in school. However, the author does not specify the secret that she told Danielle. At some point during the story, one gets confused as to why the two LAPD paid a visit to her place. The readers may ask themselves questions like “did the LAPD question the author about the punch in the face or some other secret that she had not mentioned. In fact, I did not understand why the two officers visited the author.
The most interesting part of the story is when a crowd started to gather during the fight. I think this was that part that the author should have made more emphasis because the crowd’s reaction would have made the story quite interesting.
There was one interesting point that the author had talked about regarding the gender roles. The author argued that she did not understand why she was expelled just because she had punched a girl, while boys would fight in school and not get expelled. I agreed with the author because I believe that every case in college ought to be treated equally regardless of the gender.
In conclusion, I would like to say that this was a average story that did not capture much of my attention. I think the author was merely trying to narrate a story about how and why she was expelled from school. Therefore, the author should have chosen a different title. Read More
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Narration Critiques Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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