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The paper entails a central thesis focusing and highlighting the importance of practicing healthy eating habits among the United States residence. A more committed or focused thesis would be the idea of presenting or outlining the various healthy eating trends recognized in the modern day American society…
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Global and Substantive Revision
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Global and Substantive Revision
Thesis or focus:
The paper entails a central thesis focusing and highlighting on the importance of practicing healthy eating habits among the United States residence. A more committed or focused thesis would be the idea of presenting or outlining the various healthy eating trends recognized in the modern day American society sustained by an justification of the respective period or timing of the events. For instance, this would involve the demonstration using exact dates and years and highlighting the trend form time to time.
The central argument presented in the paper is adequately supported by sub-arguments that offer convincing information regarding the approaches taken towards implementing a healthy dietary plan. The analysis directed in the paper initially gives a statistical snapshot of ration within the American population affected by obesity. Additionally, the theoretical aspects towards the food consumption trends are listed showcasing the change in food tendency since the year 1990. This occurrence is progressively documented towards a dedicated and oriented future population that exercises healthy eating habits.
The key argument in the paper although lacks a broad and exemplified demonstration of how the proposed approaches for solving the unhealthy eating habits would improve and promote healthy eating trends. For example, the development of healthy foods via use of technology ought to have been thoroughly emphasized on through the use of instances like food processing plants or industries.
Sources and Evidence:
The sources and evidence material used in this paper are appropriately referred to within the text of the document. The sources effectively fulfill and facilitate the conveyance of information to the reader through aiding them achieve a better understanding of the opinion highlighted in the paper. The introduction described requires a clear and well defined subjective statement with original text expounding on the main topic of the paper.
Audience and purpose:
The information in the paper is directed towards the general population with the main aim of offering positive advice to the emergent trends and the suitable or healthy foods to consume as an individual.
The paper categorically addresses the trends in human food consumption form the past to the present backed up with duly accredited sources that aid in further illustration of the prevailing eating trends. The organization, arrangement and general formatting of the information require review tin order to offer a more presentable, informative and good looking paper.
Certain section so of the paper requires reconsideration in order to provide feasible and neat content that a reader would find interesting. Some of the paragraphs are shorter, for instance, there is a paragraph within the reading that entails only one sentence. Other categories should be documented in topic or heading/subheading formats to achieve an organized and eye appealing document.
Horning, Alice S, and Anne Becker. Revision: History, Theory, and Practice. West Lafayette, Ind: Parlor Press, 2006. Internet resource. Read More
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Global and Substantive Revision Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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