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The person in the kitchen is the one who the community or the family recognizes as responsible for providing nutrition to the family. Professionally, chefs in hotels and restaurants as well as…
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Gendered Eating
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Gendered Cooking In most traditions, cooking is not only an art but also a responsibility. The personin the kitchen is the one who the community or the family recognizes as responsible for providing nutrition to the family. Professionally, chefs in hotels and restaurants as well as personalities in the catering field represent a wide range of variations. One of these variations is gender differences. The gender of the person beside the oven and that responsible for the overall plan matters in the cooking profession (Neuhaus, p. 254).
While many males are regarded as the best chefs in major restaurants, in most cases the person behind that wonderful recipe is a woman. The gender of the person behind the real food preparation matters in cooking and food preferences. Recently, I noted that even in communities that regard woman’s real place as the kitchen, men will still prefer being served by a man in a restaurant. This, to me means that the man in the hotel is preferred than the woman, while, at home, a woman has the responsibility of preparing food for the family. Further, this can also be interpreted to mean that professionally, men are the considered to be better cooks while women are more involved with the behind the curtains preparations and writings.
In line with the cooking responsibility bestowed on the women from traditions, their experience in the field is significant, their involvement in instructional cooking ascertains their legitimate position. However, the men are considered to be better in arts than women are. This makes them more visible and relevant when it comes to the real activity of cooking. Therefore, cooking art is dominated by men while the women occupy an even more important position of teachers and instructors. Regardless of who appears with the food on your table, multiple players have been involved.
Works cited
Neuhaus, Jessamyn. Manly Meals and Moms Home Cooking: Cookbooks and Gender in Modern America. Baltimore, Md: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2012. Read More
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