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In many countries, children with special needs have limited access to health services due to inadequacy of convenient health laws thereby causing complications that could easily be prevented. The laws govern and protect the rights of those children who have limited resources in…
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To compose a proposal for research paper
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In many countries, children with special needs have limited access to health services due to inadequacy of convenient health laws thereby causing complications that could easily be prevented. The laws govern and protect the rights of those children who have limited resources in accessing health care.
The research topic I have chosen for the proposal is: Creating a health Law addressing treatment of special needs children.
Background Information: Includes all detailed information required in proposing the most optimal structure of the health law that will address treatment of special needs children. This part will provide adequate knowledge to the reader on the requirements needed in creating a law and how its implementation will be undertaken.
Literature Review: In this research it will entail studying and analyzing previous studies conducted in a similar research topic and evaluation of the theses and hypotheses developed by the authors. Articles, books and other relevant documents to the research problem will be identified, located and analyzed to determine what has already been done thus stimulating new ideas and approaches. Further, literature review will not only provide suggested recommendation but also form a framework for interpreting research findings.
Objectives of the study: Objectives can be divided into general and specific as illustrated:
General objective: Formulating a basis for creating a law that will suit the needs of children who require special attention.
Specific Objectives:
1. Determine clauses that are in line with every form of care required by these children
2. Establishing of an effective mechanism to deal with future requirements that may have to be included in the law.
3. Creating counter measures to safe guard the law against manipulation from the general public.
I plan to begin this proposed research paper with the following research questions;
1. Does a law addressing treatment of special needs children exist?
2. What should be considered in developing such a law given its importance?
3. Who are the children with special needs?
4. What kind of treatment is required by the special needs children?
5. How will the law satisfy the existing discrepancies once it has been implemented?
Research Methodology or strategies
I plan to conduct proposal paper with the methodology of action research strategy, which is usually conducted with the aim of solving an immediate problem, in this case, treatment of special needs children. Data will be collected systematically from sources of similar law requirements using the probabilistic method of systematic random sampling. Using this strategy, the information will be selected randomly and ranked in accordance with its applicability in this health law so that an appropriate mechanism to create the law will be developed (World report on disability 21). The selection of relevant information will be crucial in this research thereby researchers will be required to apply judgmental evaluation while observing ethical research procedures.
Data Analysis and Measurement
The planned proposed paper’s variables relating to the health law addressing treatment of special needs children will undergo analysis through two procedures; conceptualization and operationalization. This technique ensures that the findings will not only be valid to the entire concept but also reliable. Variables that may affect achievement of sufficient measurement and analysis consist of extraneous variables given they may be easily overlooked by the researcher and cause errors in applicability of the law. This research will statistically minimize their effects by considering every angle while establishing relevant clauses.
Annotated bibliography
World report on disability–World health organization
The paper will obtain additional information from the report from WHO in conjunction with the World Bank illustrates the challenges faced by children with special needs who have limited access to health facilities. The report states that, due to factors such as poverty, these children have a limited access to medical services. It provides the best evidence about what to be overcome in health care, rehabilitation and support services to enable disabled children to flourish and live comfortably in the society. In addition, it provides recommendations for governments and their partners in overseeing creation of health laws for those with special needs.
Work cited
World report on disability. Geneva, Switzerland: World health organization, 2011. Print Read More
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