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To clone or not to clone human is an ethical question that has raised hot debate in the past few years and the advocates for both sides of the issue have enough reasons agree or disagree. This article attempts to explore the advantages and disadvantages of human cloning as well…
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Download file to see previous pages By looking at the potential of human cloning, certain aspects of human society such as the ones determining how human cloning affect scientific research by drastically increasing scientific knowledge of genetics.
Heimbach asserts that cloning presents many challenges affecting the subjects such as the potential physical dangers and the profound ethical dilemmas that should be avoided (633). The prospect of cloning humans is highly controversial as many scientists and lawmakers view the act as immoral. There are risks and technical challenges and other laws that make it illegal thus denying the chance of human cloning becoming a reality. People opposing cloning of humans argue that cloning animals may be to humans advantage because it would boost human research however, what is good for animals may not actually be good for humans. Interestingly, animals do not even have an idea or sense of how much we appreciate their sacrifices hence making arguments against cloning to be similar since the initiation of the topic (Surfcrs Web). The people against human cloning assert that the act will destabilize human condition by disrupting faith in the sanctity of life and the superior position humans hold over other species and therefore any little insult may degrade the human ego.
Many clones die during gestation or soon after birth because of placental malfunction is a major cause of death or the surviving ones plagued with serious physiological and generic problems. Such kind of conditions such as the large offspring syndrome and severe respiratory and brain malformations are common among animals leaving a question whether clones can develop and age normally when it comes to humans. Heimbach argues that scientific and technical issues regarding human cloning should therefore be clarified before undertaking the act to avoid eminent failures such as stillbirths and the birth of deformed babies (655). Some of the ethical issues concerning cloning is the use of ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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