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The author of the poem is Jimmy Santiago Baca who is considered to be an American poet and writer, but with the Mexican origin. He lived in Chicano and Apache descent, brought up without parents and was convinced of drug possession.
2. The ethnic identity of the poet plays…
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Analyze a poem
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Jimmy Santiago Baca “So Mexicans Are Taking Jobs from Americans The of the poem is Jimmy Santiago Baca who is considered to be an American poet and writer, but with the Mexican origin. He lived in Chicano and Apache descent, brought up without parents and was convinced of drug possession.
2. The ethnic identity of the poet plays an essential part in our perception and understanding of the creation. As Baca concentrates attention on hard social problem connected with racial preconceptions it is important to recognize that the author is a part of a described life, and he knows what he is writing about. It makes the readers understand that the message of the poem is authentic and reliable.
3. First lines of the poem depict the image of stereotypical Mexican bandit riding up on horse and establishing their rights. Then Baca presents the picture of Mexicans who “sneak into a town at night” (Baca, 530) and deprive jobs from Native Americans. The author suggests the strict and ridiculous stereotypes that are created about Mexican people. Last stanza discloses all reality of the existed situation.
4. The poem is written in the period of racial discrimination in America. Africans and Mexicans have been oppressed in the society and active revolt has been occurred due to such situation. Historical context is straightforwardly connected with the poem as the work introduces social problem relevant in that period.
5. The poem is based on a sort of sarcasm saying “Ese gringo, gimmee your job?”(Baca, 529). The symbol of TV used by the author to underlie obsessive consumerism power, and refer readers to the digital information means to which people believe. The metaphor “a tongue paddles through flashing waves of lightbulbs, of cameramen, rasping “Theyre taking our jobs away” (Baca, 530) emphasizes the stereotypical thinking of Americans. The symbol of “fighters” (Baca, 530), that author cannot find represent the poor Mexican’s who have to survive in hard conditions. The metaphor of “cool green sea of money” below which “millions of people fight to live” (Baca. 3530). “Dead children” (Baca, 530) is the ones who have no chance for the normal future.
6. The author denounces the defamatory American’s thinking that Mexican people take away their jobs. Still, the real situation is that Mexican’s people are searching for any possible kind of job to have money for livelihood.
7. Nowadays people live in democratic society with the equal rights and possibilities. Nevertheless, this period of discrimination has occurred a few decades ago, that is why remnants of the past are still notable. Everyone remembers the history and social situation, so do I. My personal relation is ethic. I live in that territory and informed with the historical references.
Reference List:
Baca, Jimmy Santiago. “So Mexicans Are Taking Jobs from Americans”, 1979, p. 529-530. Print. Read More
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