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The researcher will begin with the statement that for the last few days, one of his friends has symptoms of fatigue and shortness of breath. A week before she had some viral infection leading to diarrhea for which she has prescribed some antibiotics; however, she recovered after that soon…
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Living with Diabetes
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My Friend and Her Health Issues
For the last few days, one of my friends has symptoms of fatigue and shortness of breath. A week before she had some viral infection leading to diarrhea for which she was prescribed some antibiotics; however, she recovered after that soon. She did get remission from diarrhea; however her family physician asked her to get blood checked in laboratory for parasites, hemoglobin, leukocytes count and cholesterol level.
On seeing blood report, doctor said that her fatigue was not due to lack of hemoglobin. Doctor also measured her blood pressure to check if she suffered from hypertension; however, both the readings were normal. Her blood report described above normal sugar levels. Those who suffer from diabetes face risk of developing several health complications such as stroke leading to cardiac arrest and amputation. Since she was suffering from shortness of breath and no infection was apparent, doctor sent her to a cardiologist to check if her cardiogram is normal. Doctor recommended her some diet changes and asked her to take nutritious food.
Unfortunately, yesterday only she missed steps while coming down and got her ankle sprained. Observing inflammation on her right ankle and her inability to walk, the physician thought about medical triage to provide her relief and reduce her trauma. Physiologist also wanted to check if the incident could lead to any kind of myopathy in associated leg muscles so that timely action can be taken.
She has now multiple issues that include her shortness of breath and sprained ankle. Doctors need to select treatment for her sprained ankle cautiously so that her shortness of breath is not further aggravated. She has been asked to take bed rest for at least a week initially.


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Living With Diabetes Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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