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Like most good story tellers, De Maupassant employs a primary set of ingredients in the necklace: Exposition, Conflict, complication/ Rising Action, Climax, denouement/ Falling Action, and conclusion/ Resolution.
Nothing seems to happen when the story begins. The narrator’s…
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Understanding Plot
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The Necklace Like most good story tellers, De Maupassant employs a primary set of ingredients in the necklace: Exposition,Conflict, complication/ Rising Action, Climax, denouement/ Falling Action, and conclusion/ Resolution.
Nothing seems to happen when the story begins. The narrator’s main aim is to tell us more about Mathilde, although he hasn’t said her name yet. We get more insight into her character, her backstory, and most significantly, we learn about her being unhappy with her simple life. This plot structure depicts a good initial situation.
The conflict commences when M. Loisel (Mathilde’s husband) comes with an attendance invitation to the splendid ball. Mathilde reacts to this invitation by throwing a fit. The conflict arises because Mathilde has the chance of tasting the high and good life, but she lacks something to put on. This conflict sets the story in motion
Rising Action
Mathilde’s husband solves the problem by giving her money to buy a dress. However, a second problem arises; she needs some jewelry. Fortunately for her, Mme (her friend) lends her a fabulous diamond necklace. The complication arises since Mathilde has been given something expensive by someone and she has to take care of it. This scene illustrates the potential for a complication.
Mathilde’s mingling with the rich was the best moment of her life. The necklace gets lost, and the moment of happiness turns into a desperate search for the missing necklace. This scene implies that things will not end well. This is the story’s climax.
We (the audience) are always kept in suspense after the necklace gets lost. First, there is the frantic search for the lost necklace; will they find it? When it dawns that the necklace will not be found, the question which pops up is; what will they (Loisels) do? Will they look for a replacement or what? If they find the replacement, how will they pay for it? As it turns out, paying for the lost necklace takes a toll on their lives for a period of ten years.
Falling Action
It looks like the conflict is over when Mathilde finally meets Forestier Mme at the Champs Elysees. The Loisels finally have finished making payments for the necklace. This illustrates that the main action is finally over. Mathilde is anxiously waiting to see if her friend recognizes the substitute. Contrary to the audience’s expectations, things turn out differently.
Some critics imply that the twist ending in the story is the climax. However, the twist ending is the conclusion of this story and not its climax. Unlike most other stories, the conclusion employed by Guy De Maupassant is exciting in addition to changing everything.
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De Maupassant, Guy. The necklace and other short stories. Courier Dover Publications, 2012.Print. Read More
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