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To build a new world by Naomi Klein is dramatic in its conceptualization that provokes unorthodox thinking and new mechanisms of meeting challenges of time. Most importantly, Klein believes that commercialization has helped evolved a new world of opportunities which is based on…
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To build a new world by Naomi Klein is dramatic in its conceptualization that provokes unorthodox thinking and new mechanisms of meeting challenges of time. Most importantly, Klein believes that commercialization has helped evolved a new world of opportunities which is based on not only the exploitation of resources but also the exploitation of people and events. It is true that businesses are employing all sort of psychological paradigms to identify the changing requirements of the people and anticipate them through development of new products and services. This is an important development because identifying changing demands of the people has also forced them to recognize the importance of conservation and preservation of environment and promote them through sustainable business practices.
This now raises vital question of why Naomi Klein exhorts the labor union to promote green labor revolution. I think that the major objectives of labor union is to ensure that workers are not cheated of their rights and through collective action ensures that employers do not exploit their workers. Thus, labor unions cannot set the objectives of the business but only promote fair work practices for the workers. Today, there is scarcity of work and not the scarcity of labor. So it would be foolish if the workers start putting conditions for work! Thus, union should encourage its members to adopt sustainable practices within and outside work that not only promotes environment conservation but also diminishes the boundary of race, culture and nationality. Indeed, the need of the hour is to build a new world using sustainable practices that would help preserve the nature for coming generations and help evolve a raceless and classless society.
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Klein, Naomi. ‘How To Build a New World.’ The Progressive. (dec. 13-Jan. 14). 42-45. Read More
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