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Fans - Research Paper Example

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The word fan mostly arises during major games and sports competitions. A fan is an individual who is passionately devoted to something such as entertainment and a sports team. Fans constitute a vital aspect of any sport because they play a significant role in…
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Download file to see previous pages However, some fans behave in a violent manner thus being regarded as hooliganisms (Keys 23). A variety of sports has different fans who offer help and support for the various sporting clubs. However, fans of these sports vary in terms of their character and passion for the game. For instance, baseball fans to some extent have more passion for the sport compared to soccer fans. Therefore, I believe that baseball fans do enjoy watching the sport compared to soccer fans.
First, the purpose of attending games is to watch the game and enjoy oneself. The need to seek entertainment from watching sport from the stadium or even a sport center makes fans sacrifice and pay for tickets in order to enjoy the sport. However, I do believe that some fans do not derive satisfaction from attending some sporting events. Most of the soccer fans are stubborn and keep moving up and down in the stadium (Zathras 1). In most instances, fans move seeking to be let out of the row thereby disturbing the sited fans. By moving around, soccer fans prove that they do not enjoy the game. This is because fans that enjoy the game sit and concentrate the entire sporting period (Zathras 1). This is contrary to the baseball fans that in most instances remain calm and concentrate during the sporting event. Since they are calm and concentrate in the period of matches, baseball fans, therefore, do enjoy baseball games and remain proud of the game compared soccer fans.
Secondly, most soccer fans attend soccer matches since it is a routine and thus, provides a place to be. Instead of concentrating on the match, most of them move around, meet, and talk with other fans instead of focusing on the game (Hilaire 12). This means that soccer matches are entirely organized to act as a mingle venue whereby various people meet and spent part of their time despite the amount of money used to purchase the tickets as well as other resources used when in the stadium. Soccer ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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