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Living Together Before Marriage. A Good Idea - Research Paper Example

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This brief research paper tends to clarify if living together before marriage is of benefit to couples. Staying together before marriage is a common trend in this present day. The figures show that 60 percent of today’s unmarried couples are currently staying together…
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Living Together Before Marriage. A Good Idea
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Download file to see previous pages The paper explains why staying together before marriage is a good compatibility test. It  goes a bit further to explain it’s importance of testing the commitment level of couples before marriage. Short explanations are also stated in regards clarify beliefs of couples who during ttheir younger years their parents went through horrific divorce and left a negative dent pertaining to marriage. the paper will also explain the importance of staying together before marriage as a means of helping couples whose former relationships have been horrible and try and baby step them to overcome this past experience by staying together first.
As the discussion highlights staying together before marriage is beneficial to love birds because it will help them  know if they are compatible. Compatibility saves couples from messy and brutal divorce that they have to go through if their marriage is not working. Staying together acts as a litmus test to deduce if the two lovers can stay together. Their commitment will be evident if they manage to solve  problems within a period of time, if not then its best for them to call it quits since this will save them litigation money, embarrassment and despair  that divorcing couples usually go through. Bill Maier, PH.D states “ Living together is a good way to find out if couples are compatible-a sort of test drive that will determine your chances of marital success.” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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