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Poetry - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Analysis of Love Lyrics in Poetry and Song Both the song by Guns and Roses, November Rain and Love Poem by John Frederick Nims are written about love. However, they both take a different viewpoint and the narrators are very different in age and the relationship is different…
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Download file to see previous pages In the poem, the narrator is speaking to the love of his life and identifying the things he loves most about her, secure in a long term relationship, as the poem shows that he knows her well. The lines of the song follow certain musical conventions, and were likely written while playing the music, but the composition is not the usual pattern of two verses, a bridge, another verse plus a concluding repetition of the bridge. Still, even writing songs by the regular popular pattern is different from writing a poem, where only the words are used. Poems also have regular patterns, but these are more amenable these days to the style of the poet. Most poets adopt a rhyme scheme and meter that occurs naturally, and then push the poem around to make the rest fit the discovered form (Andrusyshyn, Karena 2010). However, John Nims did add a double foot to the first line in a poem whose meter is otherwise regular, so both of these set their own conventions (Harmon 599). For rhyme and meter, songs usually require some form of rhyme and must have a regular meter. The rhyme makes the song easy to understand and memorize so the audience can sing along. Poetry can work with no rhyme, but it also requires meter, though the poet has a great deal of freedom on this. The demands for rhyme and a regular rhythm make writing songs often a bit more difficult, since whatever conventions are established in the beginning must repeat throughout the song. However, song lyrics are generally not quite as intellectually challenging as poetry, since poetry is read, while songs are heard. The song deveates where it must in order to follow the composer’s thoughts and the pattern becomes several verses with a long bridge and a closing repeated bridge. The poem follows a regular pattern of rhyme and meter for the most part, but it uses a more conversational tempo and a highly descriptive visual vocabulary. The major difference in these two documents is the relationship of the narrator and the object. The singer is afraid that his lover is becoming less attached and is afraid to allow them to become close. He is afraid that she not only does not want to commit, but that she no longer loves him and will eventually leave. (Nothin’ lasts forever” “Hearts can change”) He says it is hard to hold a candle in the cold November rain. This may mean that he cannot sustain his love without feedback, or it may mean that he thinks he has neglected her by being away too much. He mentions pain, fear and darkness and being lost in the cold November rain. Then he follows it with a reminder that she is not the only one with fear and confusion. The singer finishes the song by saying that they both need time to think and maybe recover. In a way he is begging for her to reconsider and take the time to look for reasons to keep trying. He assures her that after taking the time she will be able heal and regain her strength to work with him to find the way through the darkness of the cold November rain. He says that everyone needs someone and she’s not the only one. This sone equates love with need and he does not describe her at all, only the relationship in a way and his own needs and those he believes she has also. The most concrete object in the song is the cold November rain, a metaphor for lonliness and abandonment. The love poem is written to a long term partner that he loves deeply. He describes her as clumsy and accident prone, except when she deals with fragile ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Poetry Admission/Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
“Poetry Admission/Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words”, n.d.
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