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Los Angeles School Police Department - Research Paper Example

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Name Surname Professor Name Subject Date Los Angeles School Police Department Introduction: The Los Angeles School Police Department (LASPD) is in the United States and represents the largest independent department of school police. The department constitutes around 350 sworn police officers, 126 non-sworn school safety officers or SSOs, and 34 civilian staff for support who are committed towards performing their responsibilities for the LASPD…
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Los Angeles School Police Department
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Download file to see previous pages It also serves the communities where these students reside. The Police Officers and the School Safety Officers are given their respective responsibilities to serve the school campuses, surrounding areas, as well as the parking enforcement. The LASPD works with support from the LAUSD and is focused on achieving the safety of children and students (What is the LASPD about). The present study focuses on learning about the LASPD discussing about its various departments, its job structure and rankings, its differences with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), its impact on the community and the students, and also studies the schools that are protected by the LASPD. Departments within the LASPD: Sworn police officers, non-sworn school safety officers, and civilian support staff are the main employees working for the LASPD. The major departments working under the LASPD are the Chief’s Office, Campus Services Bureau, Administration Services Bureau, Support Services Bureau, and the School Safety Officers. The Chief of the Police Department is Steven K. ...
al Service Centers, the Operations Coordinators, the School Crisis and Mental Health, the Campus Administrators, and other agencies that are associated. It takes the role of preventing victimization of students and promotes an environment for health learning of the students. Any critical incident occurring on the campus is attended by the team at the earliest and various services for protection of the campus and its surroundings and ensures safety for the schools under its charge (Campus Services Bureau). The role of the Administrative Services Bureau is to coordinate and manage the divisions of administration and investigation of the department. As part of its roles, the Bureau supervisions on the Payroll Unit of the department, as well as on other units such as the Budget Services, Records and Crime Analysis, responsibilities related to Custodian or Records, duties of Pitchess Motion, requests of Public Records, Subpoena Control Unit, and the Citation Control Unit. Also, the management of the fleet management, contract administration of the department is considered by the Bureau along with the management of the investigation division of the department (Administrative Services Bureau). The Support Services Bureau of the LASPD is in charge of the operations of off-hour patrolling of the department and the center of communication. The units that are overseen by this Bureau include the Canine, the Safe Passages Motor, and the Parking Enforcement. The support resources of the campus are managed by this team and critical information related to their services is communicated effectively all the way through the District. The Bureau also provides for protection coverage of the District during times when the schools are off intending to ensure safety of the schools and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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