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Subject: Term Paper, English Date: Title: History of Olympic Games Introduction For more than a millennium, the Ancient Olympics caught the fancies of the Greeks. Ancient Olympics developed from small beginnings into an outstanding festival drawing hundreds of highly proficient athletes, many thousands of spectators, the talented artists and the poets…
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History of olympic games
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"History of olympic games"

Download file to see previous pages The system in vogue then was, the Spartan messages were particularly carried by naked runners and they ran between the city-states. Travel light was one of the purposes of their nakedness and also to prove that they did not carry anything unlawful except the message. Thus they were able to run one hundred miles in one day, ensuring the speedy delivery of the messages. Training athletes began with gymnastic exercises a month before the Olympics were to commence. Total nakedness was considered as homage to the gods and gratitude for the male form. It was sort of a security check that women camouflaged as males did not participate in the games. The procedure at the starting point of the race differed much as compared to the present practice in vogue. Twenty contenders stood erect with their arms extended in front of them. The race would be re-run, if the first resulted in a tie. Peace was the watchword during the ancient Olympic Games. It was known as “ekecheiria”, meaning “holding of hands.” Safety of the competitors and spectators was assured and all wars, mutual threats and capital punishment stood suspended during the course of games. The ancient Olympic Games were linked to warfare as per the specially adopted procedure. The participants would run 800 yards in full body armor. Thus it was a competition of strength clubbed with speed. That was also to remind all concerned about the physical demands of warfare. In the 3nd century AD, virgins were allowed entry to the Olympic Games as spectators. But for the married women traced watching the game, it was inviting death. They would be thrown off the cliff at Mount Trypeum. Punishment for cheating was almost instant. Judges carried a switch to beat the frauds they were able to catch. Those who indulged in malpractices were fined and bribery and fixing of bets were punishable offences. Complaints regarding corruption were properly investigated and punishment was severe. The participating athletes mostly did not receive any monetary rewards but were hailed as the proud boys of the city. Sometimes, olive oil, and vases were given as prizes. Star athletes received special favors from the state. Politicians of the state met the expenses of the participating athletes. The ancient Olympics were abolished in 393 A.D. The Olympic Games were revived in 1896.A Frenchman, Pierre de Coubertin, is considered as the father of the modern Olympics and he founded the International Olympic Committee. The Olympic flag, and its five rings, was first flown at the 1920 games in Antwerp, Belgium. After that launch, the flag has been flown at every Olympic event, both summer and winter, ever since. This icon is one of the most widely recognized signs in the word today. The place to hold the first Olympic Games was Athens, Greece. The Games became truly international when for the first time in 1912, for the Games in Stockholm, Sweden, athletes representing five continents participated. World War I interrupted the Olympics in 1916. But in 1920, Games were held in Antwerp, Belgium. The significance of Olympic Rings The five rings signify the five continents that take part in the Olympic Games ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Anthropological perspective
Not limited, to the U.S. we can see the impact globally as the subject touches upon nationalism and ethnological history. Coincidentally, the histories of anthropology and the Olympic Games are intertwined as their formation began to be defined around the same time.
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History of the Olympic Games
The Olympic Games were closely associated with the cult of Zeus. The cult practiced religious festivals, which were closely linked to the games. The ancient Olympics were both an athletic and religious festival. Olympics came to be held after a period of four years to honor Zeus.
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This comes at a peculiar time given that the Soviet Union hosted the 1980 Summer Games in Moscow (Hofstetter 78). The games will take place in the city of Sochi situated at Krasnodar, the third largest zone, which has already a population of 400,000 people.
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Security of London Olympic 2012
Security was a major issue being that there was an alarm raised by terrorist just immediately the announcement of the Olympic Winning Bid by London. To help in curbing this, the architectural designs of the Olympic S stadium was designed to accommodate various security measures.
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History of the olympic games
Sticks were the main components for making weapons thus; arrows and javelins thus, sharpened enough to be able to pierce through the skin of an animal. This continued for a period of time
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History of olympic games
It all began with the sports initiative of the Spartans. David C. Young in his book “A Brief History of the Olympic Games” writes, “The Olympics were the oldest of many Greek
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The History of Winter Olympic Games
The Olympics games so far have over 15 games ranging from: figure skating, alpine skating, ice hockey, ski jumping, and freestyle skating among many others. The nations that have participated are over
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History of the Olympic Games
The Olympics had a religious connotation as the Olympia where events took place was a place for worship and an oath to Zeus was taken before any events began. This
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The outbreak of World War 1 in 1914 caused the cancellation of the Berlin Olympics (Davis, 2012). Two years later, there was a celebration of the winter sports week. Since then winter games occur every four years from 1928. At the 1920
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Visual Depictions of Bodies in Nazi Ideology
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