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Name: University: Tutor: Course: Date: Prompt 2: Racial Sensitivity in the Modern World Race has been a matter of heated debate for a long time. People are generally predisposed to like those other own race and distance themselves from those of other races (Carmines & Stimson 58)…
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Download file to see previous pages In the research, individuals were asked to maintain their head below water and were promised that the longer they stayed under water, the more money their relatives would get. This was repeated with relatives of differing closeness such as brother, cousin, second cousin etc. The study found that the participants were naturally able to stay longer when doing it for those who were genetically close to them. The results of the study indicated why people are more likely to like those of their own race and distance themselves from those of other races or ethnic backgrounds. While it is not entirely clear whether race is matter of genetics, it is obvious that people of the same race are more genetically related than those who are from different races. This difference in race has brought many issues in the past to the point of warranting people to have better racial relations. Racial sensitivity is as a result of the conflict between the natural instinct that drives people to like their own race and place those of their own race before everyone else, and the rational part of the brain that tells one that that is no good. As civilised beings, humans are rational enough to know that they should not hate each other based on race, but still have to deal with an irrational, instinctive part within them that says otherwise. This indicates why there is so much racial sensitive in the social arena. At the same time, as a result of many years of activism, racial sensitivity has become very common especially in public life. Racial sensitivity can be seen in everything that people do. For instance, in most Hollywood movies, there is always a black man who in most cases is depicted as having some special abilities. This need to include only one person of the African American ethnic background and making him to seem to have some special abilities can be seen as racial sensitive by the producers of the movie. For insane, in the movie Predators, the only black man in the movie was the only one who was able to detect the almost invincible predator. At the same time, he was the first character to die in the movie. This kind of a setup is seen very often in such movies. Modern movies are however looking at race in a completely different way (Benshoff & Griffin 45). In Hollywood for instance, instead of just having a movie that has mostly white people and one talented black person, they are producing movies which are composed of people from all the major races in the world. This can be seen in the movie Fast and Furious and its five sequels. In the movie, people from the major races such as Latino, black, Chinese and Caucasians are featured. This could be as a result of the globalisation of the market for movies. With globalisation, it has meant that movies such as fast and Furious have a global market. As a result, including characters depicting the major races such as Latin America, Russia and China is therefore a marketing strategy. Racial sensitivity is also seen in the work place. As Harish, Peter and Frank (88) argue, after many years of activism and various legislations on various affirmative actions, it has become necessary for most organisations to be racially sensitive. Organisations don’t want to be associated with the evil that is associated with being a racist (Harish, Peter and Frank 89). As a result, they try as much as possible to seen to be equal opportunity employers. It has therefore become easy for many situations to come up where a person of a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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