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Patient care has influenced my decision to continue my nursing education from a Licensed Practical Nurse to a Licensed Registered Nurse. My patient care duties as a LPN contributed greatly to my decision to apply for further education in your nursing school…
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Patient Care And Influence On My Career
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Download file to see previous pages I used to work under the directions of Registered nurses and physicians in delivering patient care in the hospital. I made a huge contribution in bathing patients and assisting patients during their physical therapy sessions. I also provided basic bedside care services such as taking the vital patient disease signs such as blood pressure levels, pulse rate and body temperature. My patient care in assisting the patients relieve pain and discomfort through applying new dressings, applying ice packs and providing alcohol rubs enabled me to acknowledge the valuable work that nurses do in delivering high quality patient care. I appreciate the dignity of human life and need to handle all patients with respect and that is why I participated in feeding the patients, recording the fluid intakes, and assisting patients with their personal hygiene (Chang 12).
I believe that my approach to patient care was holistic since carried out an ongoing physical, social and emotional assessment of the patients in the hospital and fostered the independence of the patient in making the decisions concerning the preferred treatment method. Accordingly, I participated in the development and implementing of patient care plans through collection of laboratory samples and performance of simple laboratory tests. Another aspect of patient care that aroused by interest in joining nursing school is the care of babies and the need to educate the mothers and families on hygienic and healthy baby care habits. In this regard, I participated in disseminating information on hygienic baby care procedures and monitoring of any illness signs on the young babies (Harrion 104). I believe that I will contribute immensely to the nursing profession after completion of my education. I am confident that I will gain practical skills that are capable of meeting the needs of the health care system. I will be in a position to understand the economic, political and social forces that have shaped the nursing profession. Accordingly, the demand for nursing care services is currently increasing thus I will be able to contribute towards delivering a patient-centered care. I am sure the nursing knowledge, skills and attitudes will enable me improve the patient outcomes and ultimately lead to a higher satisfaction level among the patients. I will provide physical patient care, make sure all patients complete the treatment prescribed by the physicians and document the patient’s response to the particular treatment. I will provide patients the prescribed medication according to the existing legislation and assist in the rehabilitation of patients. In addition, I will assist in post-operative care procedures such as nutritional management and dressing of the wounds (Chang 14). Accordingly, I will be capable of providing direct patient care such as administering prescribed medication, carrying out basic diagnosis, and providing emotional support to patients. The course will enable me adequately demonstrate knowledge of nursing techniques and principles through constantly monitoring the patients’ medical conditions and updating the medical records. I will be in a position to supervise junior nurses such as LPNs and midwifery students in order to foster the quality of health care. In this regard, I will adhere to ethical and professional expectations of the nursing profession through respecting patient autonomy, maintain cordial working relationships with my colleagues and providing the highest attainable quality of nursing care. I will remain committed to continuing nursing education through attending nursing workshops and participating in nursing associations in order to contribute in new nursing knowledge generation ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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