Marketing in Social Media (Facebook) - Research Paper Example

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Marketing is an important business strategy that involves creating awareness of a certain product or institution. There are various methods to market a product, which include billboards, television and radio broadcasts, internet, road shows among others…
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Marketing in Social Media (Facebook)
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"Marketing in Social Media (Facebook)"

Download file to see previous pages Social media is one of the latest marketing aid tools in the commercial sector. Facebook is a popular social network that enables people from all corners of the globe to create respective accounts and communicate to each other regardless the distance. The commercial sector has taken advantage of the popular network to advertise or create awareness of their products among other relevant information. This work focuses on Facebook, one of the most popular social networks, as an advertising tool in the commercial arena. There are over a million commercial pages in Facebook, hence, it is important to incorporate some attractive features to attract more people to the social networking community. The success of communication through Facebook could be measured by the number of likes or comments. Attractive photos or images attached to accounts play a significant role. From a psychological view, a normal human being would always be attracted by unique or colorful images, and this would make one read the content of the pages and finally like such pages. Bright colors like yellow, pink and white could be incorporated into the images to attract some attention and this would improve the chances of one to make positive comments or like a page. Business pages could also include the images of popular individuals like famous sportsmen, actors, models and comedians among others. However, it is important to consider all the legal and ethical implications before using anyone’s image; for instance, a company should enter into a contract with a preferred celebrity to have his/her photos used on such pages. People tend to associate themselves with celebrities, hence, more likes and positive comments, which is a good sign of an advert message. The use of simple appealing language could also attract more people to like or comment on such pages. For instance, adverts in Europe could be done in English or French as these are the two most spoken languages in the area (Arvind 19). It is also important to incorporate current events like sports in such pages. For instance, such pages may contain images of the ongoing confederation cup and rugby sevens world cup among others. The advert information should be short and precise, meaning the core information should be easy to access. Recent business studies of hotel and tourism business in Taiwan recommend the industries to engage in more Facebook adverts to increase more clients or customers. Compared to their counterparts in Europe and other parts of the developed world, Taiwan hotels are not that well known due to poor advert or marketing strategies. The language barrier is another factor limiting effective communications through Facebook. Taiwan hotel market expect more customers from Europe, Africa, North America and South America among others whose main languages are French, English and Portuguese, which are not spoken in Taiwan. However, Taiwan hotel industry could create business pages in their native language but have it translated into other languages to limit the issue of biases ((Hsu 972). The industry could also post images or photos of some of well established hotels among other tourism facilities to attract more clients from all corners of the globe. The pages should be interactive, meaning the clients or customers’ questions or concerns should be answered considering all important details in the most respective ways. The pages should have appropriate passwords to limit hackers from posting non-relevant information that could compromise the image and reputations of such hotels. Facebook has enabled e-commerce in several ways and this could be attributed by the fact that the majority of the youths' access the Facebook pages at ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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