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Death penalty - Research Paper Example

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Death Penalty Name Instructor Course Date The sentencing of individuals to death has been applied in many societies for most of their history and this has been a fundamental part of the laws of these societies. Records, even from the most primitive societies, indicate that the death penalty was a part of their justice system and it was used as a punishment for acts which were considered to be detrimental to the community…
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Death penalty
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"Death penalty"

Download file to see previous pages In some communities, however, the death penalty among its members was shunned because of the fact that it was forbidden to spill the blood of fellow community members. In such cases, this sentence was often reserved for times of conflict with neighboring communities where captured individuals, especially leaders, were sentenced to death. The continued use of the death penalty to punish a diverse number of crimes in the modern world has come to receive praise and condemnation in equal measure. Those, who advocate for it, argue that it serves as a deterrent to crime, since those who are given the death penalty serve as an example to would-be criminals (Fagan, 2006). Furthermore, they state that there are those individuals, such as murderers, who if sentenced to death, would be good riddance from society. This is because of the fact that they will have been removed from society on a permanent basis, thus ensuring that they are kept from repeating the same crimes that they have committed. They further argue that the death penalty is a just punishment for those individuals who commit such heinous crimes as child murder and serial killing, because these are human beings without a conscience who must be completely removed from society. In addition, they state that the death penalty is completely justified especially when applied to cases where individuals are serial murderers or have committed mass killings; acts which are unforgivable in most human societies in the world (Vollum et al, 2004). It is argued that sentencing such people to death is a means of showing the members of society that such acts cannot be tolerated and that if they are committed, then the lives of the offenders would be forfeit. There are some among those who support the use of the death penalty, who have gone as far as to state that not applying it on people who have committed such crimes as murder and genocide is a miscarriage of justice (Davis, 2002). For them, those who call for the abolition of the death penalty are not living in a realistic world, because its abolition is likely to increase the occurrence of terrible crimes in human societies. Furthermore, it is stated that the punishment of a crime must be painful in proportion of the crime committed and this is used to justify the death penalty since leaving murderers alive would be unfair to the families of their victims. The opponents of the death penalty, on the other hand, argue that its application in all manner of cases is a violation of the human rights of the individuals who have committed crimes. They argue that not all of those who are sentenced have a desire to commit murder and that in fact, there are many who only commit murder in self-defense since to do otherwise would have meant their own deaths (Rogoff, 2008). Another argument that they give is that the application of the death penalty is discriminative since most of those people who are sentenced tend to come from minority groups which do not have the resources to get the best representation in the courts (Lynch and Haney, 2000). They state that the use of the death penalty is an act of violence and that its continued use encourages the propagation of a culture of violence within the human society. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Death penalty
The Death penalty deters people from committing murders. It can save lives as it acts as a remedy against frequent murders. The death penalty is more human than other forms of severe punishments. By enforcing capital punishment there is the possibility of removing a potential threat to the society.
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Death penalty
Opponents of capital punishment argue that there is little evidence to support a deterrent effect, and that any net balance that may be theoretically achieved through its use is offset by a variety of ethical and practical problems.
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Death penalty
At the beginning of the 20th century, nearly all countries practiced some form of capital punishment, but it is no longer used in most countries (Stearman, 2007). The benefits and drawbacks of the death penalty are debated widely. Can it ever be justified?
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Death Penalty
Due to the nature of the death penalty, which involves one person being put to death by another, many people have doubted as to whether or not the death penalty is the most moralistic way to go about making a point. The death penalty has evolved immensely over time, but the intentions remain to be the same.
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Death penalty
On one side of the issue, the death penalty is based on the concept of an ‘eye for an eye,’ and that one should receive the corresponding punishment for one’s actions. On the other side of this issue, the death penalty is considered an inhumane and a harsh punishment to implement within an imperfect criminal justice system.
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Death Penalty
Examples of this are ritual human sacrifice, physical torture that is condemned by many nations worldwide and slavery that has been abandoned largely. Relics of these practices may go on, but those are anomalies that go on to underscore the facts that the world is turning against these evil practices.
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Death Penalty
Can any procedure bring them back to life? Can any compensation make good the irreversible damage done to the immediate family members and the society at large? Does the Government have the divine powers to create life? So, it cannot exercise
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Death Penalty
Imposition of the death sentence does not necessary mean that the offender will be executed since there is a chance of appeal or even commutation to life imprisonment. This paper, therefore, tries to answer the question: should
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Death Penalty
Various states have had their opinions about death penalty with some upholding it while others scrapping it from the laws. However, there exists no general agreement as to whether the death penalty is an effective punishment to deal with
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Death penalty
These reasons include murder, rape, adultery, arson attack, terrorism and so on. The justice systems in various countries have analyzed the reasons for penalizing the criminals. The analysts have found discrimination in terms of class, race and gender
6 Pages(1500 words)Research Paper
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