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On george orwell and his witing techniques/style - Essay Example

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Institution Tutor George Orwell and His Writing Techniques/Style Course/Number Date Department Introduction George Orwell (June 1903-Jan 1950) is known for his literary works, of which Animal Farm features dominantly. As an allegorical book which was published on 17 August 194, England, Animal Farm reflects events that led up to the Russian Revolution of 1917, before suffusing into the Stalin era in the Soviet Union…
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Essay on george orwell and his witing techniques/style
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"On george orwell and his witing techniques/style"

Download file to see previous pages The manner in which Orwell uses different stylistic devices shall be seen in this discussion which ensues forthwith (Orwell, 1945). One of the literary devices that Orwell heavily invests in to castigate the unfair political developments in the Soviet Union is symbolism. Symbolism is a literary device whereby people, things or concepts are represented by symbols. Since these symbols may take the form of a person, an objects, an action, a concept or an experience, an author may invest on a person, an object, an action, a concept or an experience to represent or refer to a person, an object, an experience or any form of reality. According to Ball and Orwell (1984, 122), Orwell uses symbolism so that characters in Animal Farm represent a real political figure. Specifically, the pig Napoleon represents Joseph Stalin, the pig Snowball parallels Leon Trotsky, the Boxer is a cart-horse with incredible strength, loyalty and dedication. He represents the exploited and hopeless proletariat or the masses. Squealer, the pig who disseminates Napoleon’s propaganda represents politicians who use the media as a tool for perpetuating a corrupt regime’s propaganda to the masses. The foregoing may also be passed on as characterization, given that all characters have their definite and unique trait, part in the plotline and represent an individual, group or situation in real life. There are instances where inanimate entities are also used to symbolize an aspect of reality. Alcohol or beer for instance stands for the old Russia. Orwell makes it clear that Mr. Jones forfeited control of his farm and became cruel to animals immediately he began dabbling in alcohol. Thus, beer or alcohol comes to represent the old Russia as a government drunk with corruption and inequality, while it is this same drunkenness which paves way to an inevitable collapse of a system. This is seen in the manner Mr. Jones forfeits dominance over the animals when he becomes a drunkard sluggard. Likewise, the sugar candy mountain represents the Judeo-Christian concept of heaven. Herein, the Church and its doctrines are criticized as antirevolutionary elements since they urge or persuade the animals (representing the masses) to keep working harder, without questioning the oppression being experienced. According to Bloom (2009, 16), Old Major the prize-wining boar who inspires the Rebellion in the farm through his vision of socialist utopia stands for Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin and serves as the originator of the higher ideals that animals in the farm continue to live by, even after betrayal by their pig leaders (the ruling class). All the animal characters in Animal Farm stand for a person, an idea, an object, an experience or any other form or element of life’s reality. There is also the use of foreshadowing in Orwell’s Animal Farm. Also known as adumbration, foreshadowing refers to a literary device wherein the author intimates certain plot developments that are to unfold later in the story. An express instance wherein there is the use of foreshadowing is the point in which Old Major issues an inspiring oratory concerning ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Essay on George Orwell and His Witing techniques/Style”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/english/1472135-essay-on-george-orwell-and-his-witing-techniques.
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