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Joseph Conrad and his influence on other writers - Research Paper Example

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An analysis of Joseph Conrad reveals that he was one of the most influential poetical writers in modern literature in the 1850’s. With no doubt his books have actually shaped modern literature works to fit into his class of intriguing tales and adventures…
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Joseph Conrad and his influence on other writers
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Download file to see previous pages Most modern literature encompasses adventure tales as compared to romance as was noted in previous works before his time. Joseph Conrad inspired consequent writers such as; Scott Fitzgerald, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, D.H. Lawrence, Joseph Heller, Virginia Woolf and Albert Camus who were inspired by the artistic works from the book ‘Heart of Darkness’. Others in his modern literary movement included Francis Scott Fitzgerald, D.H. Lawrence, Earnest Hemingway, Graham Greene, Malcolm Lowry, Calvino, Joseph Heller, Hunter Thompson and J.M Coetzee. With no argument, Conrad can be referred to the ‘Father of Modern Literature’ as his works were heartfelt and they reflected events that had happened are greatly referenced to and they act as a guide to all poets who would want to venture into the field of modern literature (Modern British Novel, “Joseph Conrad Biography”). History of Joseph Conrad Joseph Conrad was born on the third of December 1857 where his birth name was Jozef Teodor Konrad Korzeniowski. He was of Polish and French descent. As he was growing up, he learned English as a third language and that was when his name changed to Joseph Conrad. With his intrigue in writing, he turned out to be a fluent Polish English writer and master mariner (because he spent so much time in the sea) who had a great impact in modern English literature in the ages of 1850’s. His story writing skills were far much artistic and he expressed himself in a poetical manner. Some of the great books that Conrad wrote include; “Heart of Darkness” (1899), “The Secret Agent” (1907, “The Lagoon” (1896), “An Outcast of The Islands” (1896), “The Nigger of the ‘Narcissus’” (1897), “Youth” (1898), “Lord Jim” (1900), “Amy Foster” (1901), “The End of The Tether” (1902), “Typhoon”(1902), “Nostromo” (1904), “The Secret Sharer” (1909), “A set of Six” (1908), “The Duel” (1908), “Under Western Eyes” (1911) and “Victory” (1915). Since some of his books were inspired from sea life experiences. For example, “The Nigger of the ‘Narcissus’” (1897) describes the ship Narcissus that got knocked down in the harsh waters, “Lord Jim” (1900) was inspired from a sailor character out in the sea and the experiences the sailor faced, “Youth” (1902) and “Nostromo” (1904) (ReadBooksOnline, “Work(s) of Joseph Conrad”). Conrad’s best works included “The Secret Agent” and the short story “Heart of Darkness”. “The Secret Agent” was a book that ranked 46th on the list of The Greatest Books Of The 20th Century. The influence of Joseph Conrad on other writers and his subsequent movements Modernism is a representation of what has occurred or what will occur and it is based on pure truism. Joseph Conrad falls under the greatest period called the Modernist Period in English Literature. His works were based on a new way of writing that was filled with expression, passion, human dignity, independence, self confidence and responsibility, terrors in the sea and a twist of fiction. For example, some of the works written in this period included writings from the aftermath of the World War 1 in Europe. His works unknowingly influenced writers such as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, D.H. Lawrence, Joseph Heller, Virginia Woolf and Albert Camus. “Heart of Darkness” inspired F. Scott Fitzgerald because he was an American author who specialized in novels, story writing and poet and his literary works were more of adaptive to modern literature. Some of the modernistic books Scott Fitzgerald wrote included, “The Side of Paradise”, “The Beautiful and Damned”, “The great Gatsby” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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