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Research, Email and Ethics Name: Institution: RESEARCH, EMAIL AND ETHICS Search Engine Comparison For the first part of the assignment, I researched on the history of the English language. According to, the English language began in the 5th century A.D…
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Research, Emal and Ethics
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Research, Email and Ethics RESEARCH, EMAIL AND ETHICS Search Engine Comparison For the first part of the assignment, I researched on the history of the English language. According to, the English language began in the 5th century A.D. when the Jutes, Saxons, and Angles crossed from Northern Germany and Denmark over the Northern Sea (, 2012). The website provides a rather brief history and focuses on brief differences in language as a way of tracing its history. In contrast, A History Of The English Language by Elly Gelderen is exceptionally clear in its focus on how the English language has changed internally, giving a detailed history of the language from the pre-English era to present (Gelderen, 2010). The article gives a traditional morphological description of the language’s various stages, and it continues to give examples of cartoons, texts, and sentences for analysis to benefit the student, which ensures that it is ideal for research purposes in class. The website was addressed to anyone who was curious about the English language as shown by its simple language. On the other hand, the article was directed at English students with its in-depth analysis. For research purposes, the article would be best since the website is too brief and has general knowledge. Evaluating Emails Netiquette is a code of conduct that net users are required to follow on the Web (Furgang, 2011). It combines appropriate language, good manners, and civil conversation. Behavior considered as lack on netiquette includes Email bombing, trolling, and typing in caps (Furgang, 2011). For sent emails, my personal emails have are cordial with a little coarse but playful language, written in informal language, usually has some sections in caps to lay emphasis on a point, and for forwarded emails, I ensure that I edit out all headers and commentary. In sent professional emails, the language is strictly formal with caps avoided in totality; moreover, where attachments are included, the subject is included. In addition, the attachments are sent according to confirmed format and the email sent only within working hours. For my received personal emails, the tone is cordial and informal with playful language with some vulgarity and all caps in some cases. When personal-friends send attachments, some attachments cannot be opened with software on my PC and some contain viruses. Forwarded emails are rarely edited and are forwarded to many recipients. For received professional emails, the language is professional and has no caps. There are rarely attachments, and they are straight to the point. The emails also seem to arrive between 9am and 4pm and are rarely in forwarded format. Plagiarism and the Internet Plagiarism can be defined as the close imitation of another author’s thoughts and language sans proper accreditation to the author who originally did the work (Lathrop & Foss, 2010). On the issue of whether intention matters in plagiarism, different punishments exist for definite plagiarism and accidental plagiarism. Distinguishing the two is difficult, however, and relies on good faith defense, where one has to demonstrate, with basis on how much of the author’s ideas were borrowed and incorporation into one’s work that one believed to a reasonable degree that it was used fairly (Lathrop & Foss, 2010). Deliberate intent, therefore, does matter. However, when detecting plagiarism incidences, intent does not count in the consideration of whether the information is duplicated. Most software that is used to check for plagiarism is based on a similarity report, which uses quantitative and extensive comparison of various articles. The report that it produces on plagiarism does not differentiate between what was plagiarized accidentally and deliberately (Lathrop & Foss, 2010). It simply checks for plagiarism. In this sense, authors should side step the issue of intent in plagiarism through totally avoiding plagiarism. Copyright Not registering one’s copyright could still leave one with basic protection when the creative work becomes fixed in tangible form. However, this type of protection is not as assuring as that of one who takes steps to get a copyright registered. Sans registration of copyright, most jurisdictions will not hear copyright infringement lawsuits in the event that the work was not copyrighted (Martin, 2012). Therefore, one cannot get legal fee as recovery for plagiarized or stolen work since it is difficult to ascertain the real owner. Therefore, it is important to register one’s copyright to get a certificate of copyright registration. The process involves completion of an application form, paying a fee for filing, and registration of a copy of the work with the copyright office (Martin, 2012). Some cases have special requirements, for instance, motion pictures that require an entire copy of the picture together with a written description of its synopsis. Work that is only recorded needs to be deposited in complete form. Additionally, all computer programs must be deposited by giving the first and last 25 code pages. Therefore, how involved the process is, depends on the form of work being copyright-protected. This process is straightforward. While I have not made any work as of yet that requires copyright registration, as an aspiring writer, I expect that I will need to register my work eventually. References (2012). History of the English Language. Retrieved from, On 6, 2013. Furgang, Kathy. (2011). Netiquette : a student's guide to digital etiquette. New York : Rosen Central. Gelderen, Elly. (2010). A history of the English language. Amsterdam : Benjamins. Lathrop, Ann. & Foss, Kathleen. (2010). Student cheating and plagiarism in the Internet era : a wake-up call. Englewood : Libraries Unlimited. Martin, John. (2012). Copyright : current issues and laws. New York : Nova Science Publishers. Read More
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