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The Different accents across the UK - Literature review Example

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DIFFERENT ACCENTS IN THE UNITED KINGDOM Name Tutor Course College Date Accents refer to the diversity in language that relate to the way pronunciation of words happen with different groups of people. Accents are as a result of regional integration that has over the years led to formation of certain groups of people who pronounce words in certain ways…
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The Different accents across the UK
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The Different accents across the UK

Download file to see previous pages... (Nikunen, 2011) says that The English language has more than one dialect, dialects affect the way pronunciation happens and is therefore a ground for accentuation. The United Kingdom has the most variety of English accents. Some of the accents of the English language include the received accent. The received accent has been popular in the United Kingdom since the eighteenth and nineteenth century. The characteristics of this accent are evident in common omission of the letter ‘r’ after vowels in words like father. The word is pronounced as fuhthuh while normally in the American dialects the ‘r’ is emphasized so that father is pronounced as fatherrrr. Another feature involves the trap a bath, it is evident when words like can’t are pronounced with a quick almost posed –a-. The received accent is clearly distinguishable from American and Irish accents and is especially taken for the Standard English of the people From the United Kingdom. The received accent is also popular as the Queen’s English or BBC English. Moore (Nikunen, 2011). Other accents include: the southeast British accent this accent relates to American accents. It developed from London English and has spread to other regions like East Anglia and Southeast England. The northern England accents include the Midlands English that includes accentuation common in Manchester and Liverpool, the inner regions of Yorkshire and Leeds. Its features includes lengthened syllables where vowels in words as ride and play are persistent so that they are pronounced as raaaid, ra:id, and plie. The Geordie accent is popular in the northeast of the United Kingdom. It also describes a group of people and is distinct among the regions in the northern east of England. It is characterized by the presence of /au/ which makes words like gout sound like ‘goot’. It also involves the /ai/ which is heard when kite is pronounced as ‘kate.’ The kate pronunciation renders the accent an American relation (Subedi, 2008). The Welsh accent involves pronunciation by people who especially originate from the Wales (Bishop, 2005). It is characterized by a certain musicality that stresses on all syllables of a word. The Received accent is a tapered version of the Welsh accent. The accent has remained very popular over modern times along with others like the Scottish English. The Scottish accent has a lot of /ei/ and /ou/ and is heard in the pronunciation of words goat which sounds like go:t or got while face is sounds as feis. Scottish English has been influenced by the Scots language even though the two are different languages all in all (Bishop, 2005). Cockney is another popular accent among the UK English variety of accents and is used in London. It is probably the most popular accent after the Received accent. It is however camouflaged amongst other English accents in the regions around that it is not easy to tell apart from the received accent. It is notable from pronunciation of words like cat, which sounds as ‘cet’. This is because the vowels are especially raised. Another feature in vowels include a shift so that words like day sound like die and words like better are pronounced as ‘be’uh’ from glottal involvement during pronunciation. A unique feature of the Cockney ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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