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The role realism plays in the Novel farewell to arms - Research Paper Example

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Name Tutor Course College Date Role realism plays in the novel “farewell to arms” In the novel of farewell to arms, the author has used realism as one of the clear styles that can help readers in understanding the novel without thinking deeply. Realism describes life in a factual manner without using any impractical descriptions that may seem impossible in the real life (Lehan, 67)…
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The role realism plays in the Novel farewell to arms
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"The role realism plays in the Novel farewell to arms"

Download file to see previous pages He uses plain language that can clearly describe how real the actions in the novel were. Ernest’s novel resolves around the real happening of the world war. He brings in the real actions in a narration style. This style ensures that all the scenes and occurrence are described in clear and simple manner that makes it easier for the readers to understand them. The simple language used ensures that the description of the novel can have similar description from different readers since the narration in clear and does not need deep thinking, which bring make readers understand it differently (Halliday, 214). The theme of love, war, friendship, individualism, identity and patriotism are all described in a plain language that shows bow real were the occurrences. However, realism has played a big role in creating these themes and also characters. In the novel, war is has been glamorized. It has been described in a real way that shows clearly how the war was. War is described in a horrified way according to how the ambulance driver views. War is a game where only the poor people are one who suffers. This is true even in the reality. In most cases, the poor are the one who are affected by war. This is evidenced in the novel where Henry eats the macaroni that was hit by the mortar. War is not a patriotic action but is a very tiresome activity. Rinaldi refers war as a disease. This is because he suffered from gonorrhea that he thought everyone has the diseases. However, from is view, war is great but when it is too much I can make pleasurable thing to be tiresome. Like a disease, wars spreads until people wish there could a cure for it (Halliday, 219). Therefore, cure will allow people to breath well before the next outbreak is realized. The novel also describes the real brutality that was taking place the war. It gives the real happenings of war. Some people like Henry removed themselves of the war while others who were naive still embraced the war. The novel describes how the Italian army caused violent chaos and destruction. Henry shot an innocent engineer who refused to free the car from the mud. This killing showed that war has inevitable occurrences. From the author’s suggestion, war is dark and murderous activity that refuses to preserve or protect the true love (Lehan, 67). Realism has been used to build the theme of games and divertissement. People are tired of war. They are trying to do other activities to deviate themselves from it. They want to avoid thinking about the war by engaging in other activities. This is realistic in a way that when one wants to avoid other things, he or she has to engage in other activities that bring diversion (Phillips, 29). Many characters in the novel try to diversify themselves from the horrors of were. They involve themselves with pleasurable activities. Henry and Catherine deviate themselves from war by flirting to forget their personal troubles. This flirting helps henry to forget about the war and enables Catherine to forget thinking about her fiancee she lost in the war. They involve themselves in horse races to ensure that their minds are far ways from the war troubles. Henry’s relationship with Catherine has caused him some suffering. To avoid thinking about that, he involves himself in pooling game with Count Greffi (Halliday, 224). Realism has also been used to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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