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Social Networking Sites Negatively Effect Adults through the Windows of Privacy, Productivity, and Health - Research Paper Example

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Social networking sites negatively affect adults through the windows of privacy, productivity, and health Outline: 1. Social network websites are defined as a website where users will create an account and share information or their interests while also connect and list their acquaintances.(Boyd & Ellison 2007) 2…
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Social Networking Sites Negatively Effect Adults through the Windows of Privacy, Productivity, and Health
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"Social Networking Sites Negatively Effect Adults through the Windows of Privacy, Productivity, and Health"

Download file to see previous pages This will drastically cut the incidents where their information is stolen or used without their permission (Collins 2008) C) The effect on productivity and overall performance is significant. Many workers have been found wasting their time while surfing and using these social networks. Numerous steps have been taken to curb its use on the internet (Das & Sahoo 2011) D) Psychological and behavioral changes due to the excessive use of Social networking sites have been observed and the most prominent one is the addiction to it. Also many people have been found to become reclusive from the society and more prone to interacting through these websites (Mackey 2009) 3. In summation, the excessive use of these social networking websites has affected many users considerably. The effects of its usage are on both on the body and mind. Social networking sites negatively affect adults through the windows of privacy, productivity, and health The rapid adoption of the social network services has resulted in numerous researches and surveys being conducted to understand its effects on the personal and social behavior of a person. Also its excessive use has resulted in many adults facing issues of privacy and breach of security when it comes to their information. Many social network service companies are now offering better and improved services that include reading comics, playing games, and better communications with your connections and many other features, which has resulted in a negative influence on the productivity of the individuals. Many offices worldwide are simply banning Facebook and other famous social networking websites on their premises so that the employees should focus on their work. One of the most detrimental effects of social networks that have been observed is on the health of the users. It has been now attributed to psychological and behavioral changes in many users and is considered to be a health hazard in case of excessive use. This paper will try to evaluate whether social networking sites have a negative influence and impact on the privacy, productivity and the health of many adult users (Boyd & Ellison 2007). Since their inception Social network services have changed or revolutionized the way we communicate on the internet. People who start using social network services will initially do so for many reasons, but the basic motivation is to start communicating and sustaining relationships. A social network service can be defined as a service that assists people to create their own profile on the internet which they can either make public or semi public. Apart from this, the social network service will also allow users to connect with people they know or share the same interests with. The social network services serve as a platform on which people can view and find new connections and also view their friends and family connections making it transverse and interconnected (Boyd & Ellison 2007). Social networks have been widely criticized for privacy concerns. When a person creates their page or account on a social network, they are required to fill in some information for their public profile. But there are great variations in the level of privacy offered by numerous social networks. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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