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Oedipus the king by Sophocles by August Wilson - Research Paper Example

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The play Oedipus the king by Sophocles presents a situation where a disaster has occurred in Thebes. The inhabitants of the place show themselves outside the king’s palace…
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Oedipus the king by Sophocles by August Wilson
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"Oedipus the king by Sophocles by August Wilson"

Download file to see previous pages The massager conveys information that the culprit is within the town. Oedipus confirms to his people that he will provide a solution for the issue, by cursing and chasing the murderer from the land (Grene 12). In order to solve the issue, Oedipus seeks the services of the prophet who unravels to him that he is himself the murderer. Oedipus does not believe; instead he blames the prophet and his brother of being in cohorts to destroy his kingship (Grene 16). August Wilson’s fences commences with Troy and Brono in their usual drinking place. Troy is inquiring from his employer the reasons behind the black’s denial to drive the vehicle for garbage. Bono has a notion that Troy is unfaithful to his wife. Meanwhile, troy and Rose’s son have have a place in the soccer team (Shannon 14). Their father was once in the team but could not take part in important leagues because he was old at the moment the team could accept blacks. Cory resigns from the job and wants Troy to let him play, but Troy declines telling him to resume work. Later, troy gets a job as driver contrary to his expectation. In this play, Wilson explores the encounters of blacks in the United States by covering various aspects of discrimination against blacks. Cory resigns from the job and wants Troy to let him play, but Troy declines telling him to resume work. Later, troy gets a job as driver contrary to his expectation. In this play, Wilson explores the encounters of blacks in the United States by covering various aspects of discrimination against blacks. In this paper, emphasis is on comparing and contrasting the plays Oedipus the king and fences, taking into consideration thematic and stylistic devices (Shannon 14)....
However, he has no idea until the plague befalls his land (Grene 8). Determined to solve the problem, he sends his brother to the oracle to come with a solution for the problem. His brother comes with the news that the murderer of the former king had to flee from the land for the plague to end. The prophecy stated that Oedipus would “die a victim” after killing his father and sleeping with his mother (Grene 9). When Oedipus learns of the prophecy, he has no powers to change the situation thus he succumbs as the prophecy state. In this case, the Oedipus cannot decide on what to do because there are powers beyond his abilities, he has no free will, and fate has to prevail. The theme of fate attempts to portray how it is impossible to escape fate (Grene 11). From an observers view, it is not right to blame Oedipus for his deeds because they occur without his consent. Moreover, the prophecy must come true. He has no power to overcome the condition hence he lacks the free will to direct his life since it is fate that depicts his life. The play, fences by Wilson portrays the theme of racism where the blacks face immense suffering due to discrimination (Shannon 15). Troy and Brono narrates to each other the problem they encountered when they were young under the southern regime. Their stories indicate how similar and different their times were, in comparison to the times of their children. Bruno and Troy recalls the life during slavery and after slavery when their father participated in immoral issues. Bruno narrates how his father experienced stress to an extent of failing to play his role as a father (Shannon 18). Racism is evident where the blacks cannot participate in major matches of a national team. The first scene occurs with Troy being unable to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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