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Whole Milk and Meat is no Good for Children - Research Paper Example

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The paper provides an in depth analysis on various effects of consumption of milk and its correlation with the development of cancer. In addition, the paper provides extensive information on the harmful effects of consumption of meat containing residues of steroid growth hormones, ionophores, and antibiotics…
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Whole Milk and Meat is no Good for Children
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Download file to see previous pages The paper throws light on the growing concern of antibiotic resistance as a result of excessive utilization of antibiotics in cattle. The harmful effects of Recombinant bovine Growth Hormone coupled with information on what should be done be tackle the prevalent situation has also been incorporated within the body of the paper. Lastly, the text provides a discussion on the use of artificial hormones and their contribution in the development of various health concerns. Key words: Recombinant bovine growth hormones, antibiotics, inorganic milk, cancer, early onset puberty, FDA Whole Milk and Meat not Good for Children Introduction: Milk has always been attributed as a powerhouse of many nutritional ingredients that are essential for bone growth and other body developments. Human beings are mammals and therefore have a unique relationship with milk as it is the first source of nourishment for them after birth. Mainly due to this reason, it is always assumed that milk has only beneficial impact on health. However, this assumption is far from being true. In fact in the present scenario when dairy milk and their products have become a global business many harmful components can be identified not only in the milk but also in the cattle meat. Most of these components are genetically engineered hormones that are injected to obtain increase milk production. Some of these hormones are also responsible for the rapid growth of cows that are raised to be slaughtered for beef. Therefore, these measures are taken to increase productivity that ultimately increases the profit. But it has raised considerable question marks regarding consumer’s health. Recombinant bovine Growth Hormone (rbGH) The commercial sale of milk from rbGH treated cows was approved in 1993 by FDA. Recombinant bovine Growth Hormone (rbGH) is a genetically engineered artificial hormone that was aimed to stimulate milk production in cows. It is legally sold in all 50 states of US under the famous brand name of Posilac, manufactured by Monsanto. It is estimated that about 13000 farmers use this hormone to obtain excess profit from milk industry. But there are major health concerns associated with this particular milk. Although, this hormone does not directly contaminate the milk, it is associated with increase production of Insulin like Growth Factor (IGF-1) in cows. From the studies it is evident that high concentration of this IGF-1 is present in the milk produced by these rbGH treated cows. IGF-1 is a potent carcinogen with anti apoptotic properties. Studies have shown that IGF-1 contributes in the development of many cancers such as breast, prostate, colon and bladder cancer. (Malawa 2002). FDA Approval Despite this possible association of milk, derived from rbGH induced cows, with many cancers the approval from FDA is very shady. Many reasons have been given by the drug authorities to justify their approval. They pounder over the fact that the hormone is directly not present in the milk. Secondly, according to the FDA Insulin like Growth Factors (IGF-1) is not absorbed orally. This has been concluded on the basis of the research carried by the same pharmaceutical companies, Monsanto and Elanco, who are leading manufacturers of this hormone in the commercial market. The research was conducted on rat models for a very short period of 2-4 weeks. Moreover, they did not access the contribution of IGF-1 in the milk and cancer development. A more in depth research is required in this regard as it is a very serious issue that needs proper investigation. (Malawa 2002). Mastitis in rbGH Treated Cows Most of the animals used for the production of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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