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The American history ( 1900 ) The Cold War - Research Paper Example

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Title Page American History (1900) The Conflict of the Cold War Your name English May 1,2012 The conflict of the Cold War The topic that interests me is the rise of the Cold War. The Cold War started soon after the World War II, and lasted for many years…
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The American history ( 1900 ) The Cold War
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The American history ( 1900 ) The Cold War

Download file to see previous pages... A reading which I found to be informative and concise about Cold War is done by H.W. Poon in 1979.and adapted by T.K. Chung .Poon has done substantial research in history since World War I and could be considered a good source. All my critics in this researchare based on this author’s account of history. He drew vivid image of history of events and personalities that have to deal with the events of the war and history. He wrote a timeline of events from the beginning of the cold war, its causes, The Berlin Crisis, the Cold War in East Asia,the formation of allied forces, until the tension eased in 1954. The article is written for a general viewership since it is a hosted website of the writer. Its website has been on the internet since 1998 and has been telling storiesin history, I have often heard of the Cold War but I do not know its underlying reasons. I had very few ideas about the cold war, and on this ,Poon has added to a deeper understanding of the reasons for conflict. As told, one of the reasons for conflict is in having different ideologies of both. US has free elections, freedom of the press, and has the freedom of assembly. Poon described the Soviet atmosphere so different from the US since they have communist government.. This fact is already known, but Poon argued in his writing that due of this difference of government system, a compromise between the two nations had very little hope. Another reason he gave is due to economics. Here again, there is conflict, as United States wanted free trade throughout the world but the Soviets resisted this since it wanted to “shield off her own sphere from international commerce” because they are afraid that trading with the West would expose Russia to the risk of being opened to influences of the West that would erode the totalitarian system” Again this opposed view brought hard feelings between the two countries. Next reason, which is debatable, is the power of rivalry, because after World War and the decline of Europe, power is shared by the Soviet Union and the United States. Poon sees this as a power struggle as each one wants to dominate the other. The power of domination has been suspected by the United States thru the speech delivered by Winston Churchill in March 1947 that the Soviets planned an aggressive control of Europe The speech is certified as a primary source document (See Annex A – copy of the speech of Winston Churchill) Poon’s report of Truman’s declaration is confirmed by a document found from the archives of the Congress, Document 171 of the 80th Congress. 1st session. This is supposed to be a primary source of document that will testify to the reference of the report. The core of Trumann’s Doctrine was that "it must be the policy of the United States to support free peoples who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressure." This statement clearly manifests an anti-communist principle and could only suggest an open war on Communist Russia. To confirm this policy, the United States went into a massive military and economic aid I Greece and Turkey Poon gave his impression on t he characters of the two presidents, President Roosevelt and Truman that made me visualize their personalities and how they actually ruled the country during the war,I have not known before that Pres. Roosevelt was optimistic while Pres. Truman was opposite. Pres. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Cold War
Even though the Second World War ended in 1945, another undeclared cold war started immediately between America and Soviet Union for capturing supremacy in global political and economical matters. The different political ideologies prevailed in these superpowers (America is under democratic administration whereas Soviet Union was under communist administration) strengthened the cold war immensely.
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History of the Cold War
After the World War II the Soviet Union turned out to be a super power which was becoming a threat for the United States and for this reason many blame the United States to be the main cause of Russian collapse. It was the issue of superiority and balance of power between the nations that led to a war which was known as ‘The Cold War’.
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Cold War History Essay
However, the most worrying issue was that of the nuclear weapons available to both countries which if used would have caused equal destruction to both countries. After the World War II it was seen that the United States and Russia underwent a competition in the field of economics, race and politics to gain superiority in the world.
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American History Since 1900
Whether the information is secondary or primary, an individual’s diligence can deduce more with the purpose of getting authentic information. History is a sequence of events leading to the present, although different authors take on different perspectives of any event that occur.
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Cold war
Essentially, the notion of the cold war is enigmatic since the major counties in the center of it never actually took up arms against each other in “hot wars”. American and The USSR were embroiled in an ideological contention; American was democratic and capitalistic, whereas Russia was a communist country, this meant that it was led by a single dictator who exercised control all the economic aspects therein.
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Cold War
Following the success of the wartime alliance formed temporarily against Hitler’s Nazi Germany, the only two superpowers in global affairs were the United States and the Soviet Union. However, these two countries had profound differences in their political and economic ideologies, and this led to the beginning of the Cold War.
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American History Since 1865
Not only were they looked down upon as humans of lower status, but they were also subjected to humiliation by those from other cultural groups. They have further been forced to work as slaves. Deprived of all nights, they were not treated as humans and they have lived toiling for years together without grudge or any chances of expressing their grievances.
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Berlin blockade/ cold war
Happening within such a short time after the second world war, this was the first major clash between the allies and the axis power and foreshadowed a the existence of an even bigger clash between these two powers
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The intensive ideological differences between the United States and the USSR were problematic. In the year, 1945, the first atomic bomb was created in the United States. The objective of creating this weapon of mass
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Limitations placed on American civil liberties during the Cold War
However, the desire to wield maximum control of the global affairs almost set the two nations into a war-path. In one hand the USA sought to spread democracy while the USSR, on the
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