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The Blame on Obesity: Fast Food or Individual Responsibility - Research Paper Example

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Research Prospectus on The Blame on Obesity: Fast Food or Individual Responsibility Outline Section 1. Background and Statement of the Problem Section 2. Significance of the Study Section 3. Review of Related Literatures Section 4. Research Questions Section 5…
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The Blame on Obesity: Fast Food or Individual Responsibility
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"The Blame on Obesity: Fast Food or Individual Responsibility"

Download file to see previous pages Though even if it is the case that Americans tend to be fatter and heavier than the ideal, normal and acceptable weight as advised by medicine, their weights continue to rise (Cutlter, Glaeser and Shapiro 93). Given this continuous growth in their weights, significant increase in obesity is noted in this country. According to Ames, about two – thirds of the American population is observed to be overweight (279). In fact, the adult population comprises about 30 percent or 60 million obese individuals (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 1). In fact, the incidence of obesity happens to be higher than any other developed nations in the world (Cutler, Glaeser and Shapiro 93). This remains to grow across all sectors of American population (Flegal, Carroll, Odgen and Johnson 1723 – 1727). Since 1980, the calories consumed by Americas have increased significantly. With the advancement of technology such as vacuum packing, deep freezing, improved preservatives, microwaves and artificial flavors, foods are made available for instant consumption (Cutlter, Glaeser and Shapiro 94). Majority of the food preparation and eating are no longer done at home. Different fast food and restaurants have become widely accessible to the consumers and people have greatly relied on those. The prevalence and accessibility of fast foods are somehow blamed and considered as a big factor for the increasing obesity rates in the country (Evangelista, Ortiz, Rios-Soto, Urdapiletta 1 and 3). Nevertheless, some argue that fast food is not to blame as the cause of obesity for it is an individual responsibility (Ames 295 – 299; Sallis 1 - 3). In this regard, the focus of my study shall delve on who to blame on the growing occurrence of obesity in United States. While Americans are taking it too far on blaming fast food restaurants for making them obese, their weight problems are caused by no other reasons but themselves. Thus, Americans should hold themselves liable for being obese. Significance of the Study This study is of importance because of the present situation of the country in relation to the growing number of obese population. Americans are getting much heavier than they have ever been. Obesity, which is prone to serious illnesses (Wellman and Friedberg S706) and even one among the primary causes of death (Mokdad, Marks, Stroup, and Gerbending (1238), has become a significant concern in United States. On the one hand, with the given conventional wisdom that fast food is to blame of the obesity concerns, this paper is significant because it enables to re – examine the belief that obesity is caused by fast foods. This paper shall give clarification that individuals have to do something within their own selves in order to resolve and prevent the increasing number of obese population. It is not just a matter of putting the blame on other factors but being accountable for their own weights. It is relevant to each individual to realize the real causes of obesity in order for one to avoid it. In this case, Americans can have much healthier lives than they have now. Review of Related Literatures Before I started this research, I know that many Americans are overweight and to the fact that still, many of them are obese. What is more is that fast foods are being blamed why Americans happen to be overweight and obese. Fast foods are everywhere and happen to be very accessible. These fast foods offer foods that are cheap and no need for waiting time to be served. They serve to people ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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