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Date: TRAFFIC AROUND ASU CAMPUS AND LIMITED PARKING SPACE Parking and parking lots are undoubtedly, an important part of the transportation system. The accessibility to a particular destination is directly affected by the convenience of parking facility…
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Traffic around ASU Campus and Limited Parking Space
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Download file to see previous pages Parking at ASU grounds have become so inadequate that the number of tardy students has increased at an alarming rate. Almost every morning, we hear students criticizing the parking lot and claiming how they would do almost anything to get a spot close to class. The pre-class chat usually revolves around complaining and grumbling about insufficient car parking. Recently, ASU parking has developed a reputation of commencing majority of visitor’s day with a bit of frustration and anger. Students have to come to the campus nearly an hour or two before their first class if they wish to find an available parking space, which is very unfair and causes a lot of time wastage. Occasional arguments and brawls have also been witnessed over this issue. Students aren’t the only ones complaining. Faculty members also have great issues over this situation as they now have to compete for parking space with students. At times when vacant spots are present, parking is still challenging for those driving large vehicles because these spots are small in size and parking and then getting out of the seat without denting the car, both prove to be very difficult. Discontent and dissatisfaction continue to rise each morning among the masses and the parking issue is seen to be a major factor of stress for the students. Moreover, the parking issue also fuels up the environmental concerns regarding excessive carbon dioxide emission by the vehicles hopelessly trying to find a parking space. The desperation of a student over the parking space can be seen by their willingness to drive other students to their cars so they can claim the space they will vacate. Students are also compelled to park at places which are a long walk from the campus and the daily trip in the day’s heat is pure agony. Students who have to resort with parking on streets or grass usually end up getting a ticket. Now I believe that ASU, one of the largest and outstanding universities of the country, gives its students everything they require, let it be quality education, state of the art campus buildings, social exposure, scrumptious meals, etc. Everything except a good parking place. I take this chance to question you all - why do we have to have an exception? Isn’t there something we can do to solve this issue and make life trouble-free for us as well as the upcoming generations of ASU? I believe we can and therefore, I’m putting forward some suggestions that could help us all provided we all work together proficiently. A simple solution which majority has come up with in the past is to build a new parking. However, this is not possible all the time, keeping in view the problems of unavailability of land and funds. Besides, huge parking lots already occupy large areas of our campus and if we do continue to build more, there would be very little land left for the development of newer buildings and wings in the future. It is also agreed that eliminating all driving is both impossible and inconvenient for all of us. What I think is that ASU can facilitate its students the most by discouraging the use of cars inside the campus. (Michigan State University, 1957) It is a fact that most students use their cars to reach their classes that are hardly a five minute walk away from their dormitories. Students should avoid travelling such small distances on vehicles. If they do so, they will help in hugely relieving the parking and traffic issue in the campus. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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