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This is Our Youth and All - American Poem - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The writer of the current paper will compare and contrast the Theme of Difficult Passage into Adulthood in plays “This is Our Youth” and “All - American Poem”. The plays have a powerful representation of contemporary social issues…
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This is Our Youth and All - American Poem
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Download file to see previous pages ‘All - American Poem’ is a beautiful collection of modern American poetry by Matthew Dickman that portrays picturesque modern America. The collection can be roughly divided into three segments. The first half of the collection represents poems that are conceived more on a personal note and delivers the themes of the feelings pertaining to the personal aspect of life. The second part of the collection deals with the fragmented pictures of the country. Poems in this segment are concerned with the troubled era and these poems relate to the national sentiment of America. The final or the third set of poems in this collection are more concerned with the universal ideas and these poems relate with moments that help one to comprehend and discover one’s soul. Together, the collection can be termed as the poetry of America and its people. The theme of Difficult Passage into Adulthood: A Comparative Study Life of a human being is a great trajectory, where the transition is inevitable and an obvious phenomenon. These transitions bring along with the great social and economic metamorphosis. These changes are captivated by the literature that evolves out of the contemporary society and then through the epiphany and great fancy, they become timeless and universal. Both the literary pieces, “This is Our Youth” and the collection of poems, “All - American Poem” captivates this theme but its treatment and presentation are different in both the pieces. This difference builds the essence of the comparative study delineated in this essay and helps to develop an in-depth comprehension of the myriad perspective and delineation of the psychological and social issues intricately handled in these two texts. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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