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There is No Debate, Climate Change is a Fact - Research Paper Example

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Instructor name Date There is no Debate, Climate Change is a Fact The greenhouse effect is a commonly used term which describes a rise of the average earth temperature and is typically linked with the terms climate change and global warming which has justly become a matter of much debate and tremendous global concern…
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There is No Debate, Climate Change is a Fact
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"There is No Debate, Climate Change is a Fact"

Download file to see previous pages at least. Basically, the greenhouse effect operates by the following method. When sunlight penetrates the outer atmosphere and hits the earth’s surface, not all of solar power of the sun is absorbed. About one-third of this solar energy is bounced back into space. Atmospheric gases act by much the same method as the outer roof and wall of a typical garden greenhouse, therefore the terminology. These gases permit sunlight to enter then traps some of this solar energy. The energy that remains heats the earth (Gutierrez, 2008). This is a precarious balancing act. Because of these greenhouse gases being unnaturally augmented by man-made sources, more is constantly building up in the atmosphere consequently trapping more solar energy while reflecting less back to space. This preventable scenario is causing the earth to warm and the climate to change. The most prevalent of the greenhouse gases is Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Trees ‘breathe in’ CO2 then when trees die, CO2 it is returned to the atmosphere. Clearing land by the mass burning of trees, which is happening at an exceptional rate in the tropical rain forests, is lessening the quantity of CO2 that is absorbed consequently increasing the amount that is put into the atmosphere. CO2 contributes approximately 50 percent of the total gases that create the greenhouse effect. ...
The vast majority of fossil fuel consumption, its lethal pollutants and greenhouse-enhancing derivatives are in America, Russia and European countries. Four-fifths of the earth’s people live in nations that, combined, discharge just one-third of the total CO2 whereas just two nations, America and Russia combined, are to blame for discharging half. The escalating quantity of CO2 in the air is becoming more and more disconcerting. Motor vehicles are a considerable source of air pollution. “Vehicles produce high levels of carbon monoxides (CO) and a major source of hydrocarbons (HC) and nitrogen oxides (NOx), whereas, fuel combustion in stationary sources is the dominant source of sulfur dioxide (SO2)” (Socha, 2007). In addition, the burning of fuel oil to for home heating and to power companies along with the toxins emitted from smokestacks at coal-burning electric generating power plants contribute to create a dangerous imbalance of CO2 in the atmosphere. If the equilibrium between the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere and ocean is upset by injecting escalating amounts of CO2, the oceans of the world will continue to absorb greater concentrations of the gas than it normally would. This phenomenon results in the warming of the ocean waters which are then increasingly less capable to absorb CO2. As the seas lose the ability to maintain the intrusion of this organically equalizing cycle, the ever increasing quantities of CO2 stays in the atmosphere. Ever-increasing amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere cause the earth’s surface to warm further thus increasing the greenhouse effect. “Currently carbon dioxide is responsible for 57 percent of the global warming trend. Nitrogen oxides ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Climate Change
This issue is extremely important because it can cause a lot of damage to human beings if nothing is done about it in the future. It can have life-threatening ramifications should nothing be done about it immediately. Methane is another very important greenhouse gas, large quantities of methane is produced by domesticated animals which again directly affects the environment.
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Climate change
It goes without saying that the proposed communication and awareness drive is subject to budgetary constraints. So it intends to compensate for the obvious budgetary constraints by focusing on the communication characteristics of the targeted customers and by being innovative and creative in its approach.
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Climate Change Debate
Essay on Climate Change Debate Introduction: The climate change around the world is seen as a combination of several factors, which act in an interrelated fashion. Observation and research conducted suggests out of several factors three most essential factors like alterations in the rate of solar radiations on the earth’s atmosphere, alterations in the atmospheric constituents and other such alterations on the earth’s topography earn responsibility for the changes in climate.
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Climate Change
Climatic change is a long term change in its statistical properties for about a decade or even millions of years. It can occur for number of reasons which takes the issue into deeper aspects of changes and its reasons. A climatic change somehow depends on the Human Activity in this living world and it is inter related to whatever activity is done somehow affects the weather, it can either be a positive change or a negative change which can also be alarming for the social beings living on this globe.
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Global Warming/Climate Change
This essay will explain sun and its impact to world’s global warming. The Sun The sun is the core of our solar system. It’s considered as the biggest star in our galaxy with 1,390,000 km. in diameter and a mass of 1.989e30 kg. (, 2012).
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Climate Change
In fact, the changes in climate are posing a significant risk on the agriculture, food and water suppliers while the effort of alleviating poverty, diseases and food insecurity are put on stake, while lives of many citizens in under developed countries are being affected.
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Climate Change
Some people argue that human activities are causing global warming whereas others are of the view that solar variations are causing global warming. In any case, it is a fact that global warming and climate change problems are causing huge problems to people, animals, agriculture and environment.
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Climate change
One of the drivers of climate change was pinpointed to stem from deforestation. According to Nix, deforestation is “the removing or clearing of a forest to include the cutting of all trees, mostly for agricultural or urban use. The remaining land, as per definition, is not reforested but is usually converted to a non-forest classification” (Nix, 2013, p.
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Global Climate Change: Fukushima Earthquake and Tsunami
Japan is a cluster of islands located in the Pacific Ocean at the Far Eastern side of the world (Ramesha et al, 2011). Last year in March, Japan experienced a catastrophic earthquake, recorded as 9 on the Richter scale. The intensity of the earthquake caused strong ocean waves to slap the coastal city of Fukushima with a disastrous tsunami.
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Climate Change man made or a natural occurrence
Climate change is a result of the increase in greenhouse gases, which trap energy from the sun leading to an increase in the Earth’s temperature. Greenhouse gases include: f-gases, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane. There has been a common debate on the
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