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How did september 11 change the life of socities - Research Paper Example

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The September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center, which took the lives of thousands of people, showed that the world is no longer a safe place to live in and that even a super power country such as America is vulnerable to attacks of this caliber. The attacks left a deep wound in the minds of the American population and a sense of insecurity…
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How did september 11 change the life of socities
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Download file to see previous pages There have been several changes within the American society ever since the attacks which has literally affected the lives of many people. Civil liberties have been subject to changes and in order to protect the country from further attacks several policies and security measures at airports and other important places have been stepped up which has posed serious restrictions to civil liberties. This has resulted in a changed psychology among the American people about their country, politics, world society and their security (Kelly; Schmidt; 9-11 Social Consequences). Considering the magnitude of the 9/11 attacks such restrictions and societal changes are not surprising as the country is in a dire need to safeguard both its people and resources. No country can afford to lose manpower and property to terrorism and given the potential strength of America, it has been able to overcome the destruction mainly owing to its people who remain unified in their fight against terrorism following the attacks. The American society has indeed become vulnerable to attacks by terrorists mainly owing to its open frontiers, greater allowance to civil liberties, lack of any discrimination towards people, a free market and the rights enjoyed by the people to live a free life on their own terms. All of these were against the moral beliefs of the terrorists and which led them to attack the country and show the American people that their nation was indeed vulnerable and that its security could also be under constant threat. However, while the attacks were made with the intention of creating animosity among the diverse American population, it did, in fact create a more unified America. This has become a reality despite the series of civil restrictions and stricter policies that have been imposed on innocent Americans. This can be mainly attributed to the changes that occurred with the country during the 20th century which made the country more tolerable. This is the same country which had banned the teaching of German language after the First World War and the imprisonment of Germans, Japanese and Italians following the Second World War. Over the years the American people have developed the culture of “not judging the others”. This attitude has allowed people to rationalize the actions of others though there were some incidents targeting Muslims immediately after the attacks. However, these incidents were relatively small in number; even though they are deplorable. In addition the attacks also lead to a social cohesion among the people as those who survived the attacks showed a great willingness to help the wounded and the deceased (9-11 Social Consequences). This indeed has been a positive outcome of the attacks as aid from all around the world poured in and many thousands of people volunteered to secure people from the debris. However, this volunteering has been mainly from children belonging to the upper-middle class background as they have begun to show greater interest in public life, civic engagement, politics and society. However, the same has not been found with children belonging to the working class sector as they know that despite all their efforts they would ultimately land up in some firm working round the clock. Hence the post 9/11 attacks did witness a gap in the social class and many experts see this gap as that between the rich and the poor ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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