Cybercrime and Privacy - Research Paper Example

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There has been a dramatic rise in the reach and availability of electronic means of communication in the recent decades. This has led to a simultaneous rise in the internet related crimes whereby electronic resources are exploited by cyber criminals, to commit online frauds…
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Cybercrime and Privacy
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Download file to see previous pages There has been a dramatic rise in the reach and availability of electronic means of communication in the recent decades. This has led to a simultaneous rise in the internet related crimes whereby electronic resources are exploited by cyber criminals, to commit online frauds. The internet related crimes are fast spreading across the globe and have become transnational in nature, thus making it far more difficult to restrict, prevent, or investigate such occurrences and persecute the perpetrators. Although the law enforcement agencies, have enacted several policies and set up legal departments to track and prohibit malicious use of internet by the cyber criminals, there is still a serious lack of effective resources and infrastructure to dissuade cyber criminals from engaging in such crimes (Wall 5). The growth in technological advancements has resulted in a simultaneous rise in invasion of our privacy. This is apparent from the growing number of spam messages and unsolicitated mails in our inbox. This sudden influx of data comprising of marketing reports and aggressive advertising, encountered in our daily lives is one of the most predominant nuisances in present times, which indicate the level and extent of this menace. The increasing exchange of personal information between technology and individuals as a form of communication, which is stored in databases is a threat to our privacy since this information is likely to be pawned by marketing professionals in their profit games. The gravity of this threat is aggravated by the fact that nations across the globe today are highly dependent on information technology. Although the information age has contributed immensely towards enhancing the quality of our lives, it has displayed a serious negative side as well - that of completely diminishing the society's right to protection of their privacy (Wall 37). 2. Significance, scope and extent of the problem: “Undeterred by the prospect of arrest or prosecution, cyber criminals around the world lurk on the Net as an omnipresent menace to the financial health of businesses, to the trust of their customers, and as an emerging threat to nations’ security” Marc Goodman The study of cybercrime raises several critical questions regarding the protection of privacy and more specifically the increasing loss of privacy. The proliferation of technology and internet based activities ranging from personal banking and social networking activities to shopping online and searching for employment has become common place, and hence increased the vulnerability of individuals to cyber attacks. The personal details shared by individuals online are accessible to everyone thus making it highly susceptible to misuse, and thefts of identity by cybercriminals (Brenner viii). The commercialization of personal information has added a boost to criminal activities online and the anonymity that the web offers almost guarantees impunity to the perpetrators thus making it difficult for law enforcements to prevent the growing trend. The issue of cybercrime, has been growing consistently and is now known to be one of the most serious and globally recognized internet crimes in recent times, causing millions of dollars worth of losses every year in the U.S. According to the Cyber Crime Report (2011) conducted by Symantec in the U.S. it is estimated that cybercrime has amounted to a total of $338 billion over the past year (, 2011). The report further states that 69% of the adults surveyed have admitted to have fallen prey to cybercrimes in their lifetime of which 65% suffered due to online frauds during the past one year. 75% of the victims of cybercrimes were those between the age group of 18 and 31 years. Figure 2: Source: Cyber Crime Report: Symantec ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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