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Oil ALternatives - Research Paper Example

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Oil Alternatives By Karen Deneen Margaret Wilhelm English-1102 April 11, 2012 Oil Alternatives Introduction: Alternative and effective sources of energy to oil must be found, as oil is a limited resource which is extremely bad for the environment. I. Oil and its significance…
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Oil ALternatives
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"Oil ALternatives"

Download file to see previous pages Impacts of Alternative Fuels 1. Environmental Impacts 2. Social Impacts 3. Economic Impacts Conclusion: More research must be done on the various sources of fuel other than oil, in order to identify the most suitable and environmentally beneficial alternative. Karen Duneen Margaret Wilhelm English 1102 24 Apr. 2012 OIL ALTERNATIVES Alternative and effective sources of energy to oil must be found, as oil is a limited resource which is extremely bad for the environment. Oil is a non-renewable energy which is obtained through the drilling of oil reservoirs in particular regions. In the contemporary world, our daily operations are driven by oil (Sherman and Freemuth 6). The industrial world is well aware of the significance of oil in its operations. Ostensibly, oil was a great catalyst of the industrial revolution and was instrumental in enabling the economic advancement of numerous countries. Petroleum is the fuel of choice for industrial equipment while others are run by diesel. In the past coal was the preferable fuel until oil became known as a better alternative. A vast proportion of automobiles for example, are reliant on oil since they encompass oil-dependent engines. In addition, modern ships and boats have a structure that requires oil to propel it to various destinations. The aviation industry also constitutes engines that require the introduction of oil into their systems to enable them to function properly. Evidently commercial industries have been integrated with oil since it is cheaper and widely useful in most of their operations unlike electricity. Petroleum has high-energy capacities; its transportation is relatively easy and efficient in initiating numerous operations (Sherman and Freemuth 6). Its relevance in modern society is growing with most of its producers emanating from the Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia and Iran. Processing of oil also gives rise to several oil products like kerosene, diesel, petroleum, and gasoline. Kerosene is instrumental in cooking and other domestic tasks that require fuel. Invariably, oil is an essential element in the manufacturing of products that comprise of clothing, ink, crayons, paints, upholstery, antiseptics, heart valves and many others. Oil is increasingly becoming essential and thereby its price fluctuates especially in recent years. Recently doubts regarding the abundance of oil are surfacing, together with the detrimental effects of oil pollution to the climate. According to Sherman and Freemuth (7), oil is a finite resource and hence upon exhaustion the suppliers cannot replenish it. This suggests that oil is not adequately dependable as a resource in the end. This element has facilitated the debate of adoption of other renewable resources of power as an alternative to oil. There is a simmering debate over the possibility of replacing oil as the predominant energy resource, due to its limitations. Irrespective of the high-energy capacities of petroleum, it is essential to acknowledge the fact that oil is a limited reserve. There are dreadful assertions that some of the oil wells could be drying up since there is a reduction in the quantity of oil barrels that they produce. Such a stance also has undesirable ramifications politically, socially, and economically. Evidently, there is an increasing global effort in initiatives resulting from this awareness, for example, the introduction of electric cars and the manufacture of environmentally friendly containers. The alternative sources of energy will mitigate the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Opportunities & Threats in Gold & Oil Investments
The researcher of this study presents opportunities and threats of the investment in gold and oil separately in further sections. The first section emphasizes on the opportunities and threats pertaining to gold followed by the other section which elaborates the opportunities and threats that lie with the oil.
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Comparison of Oil and Alternative Energy Sources
This is because oil has certain advantages which make it a preferred alternative to other systems of energy generation. Basically, oil is cheap and fairly easy to process (Nagle and Guinness, 2011 p361). Oil occurs naturally underneath the earth. It is often in huge deposits that make way for the exploration of millions of barrels each day.
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Are we really running out of oil
We also examine the studies from the most authoritative experts. One such perspective is from the International Energy Agency (IEA) which is an organization established by member countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development or the OECD.
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Oil and Off Shore Drilling
An observant glance around us shall prove why petroleum may be referred as ‘liquid gold’. Modern life may turn completely dysfunctional without the petroleum and crude oil products. Oil serves as the lifeblood of transport, and industries and even assumes a place of strategic importance, as its crisis can be almost fatal during warfare.
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Crude Oil Alternatives and The Future of the Transportation industry (Trucking, Rail and Air)
However, the underlying transformation from fossil fuels to alternative energy forms is posing quite some inertia. This can be evidenced by slow growth of the overall alternative energy market when compared to the consistency of the fossil fuel market. Perhaps the largest effected sector and the most visible indicator is the transportation domain.
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A World without Oil
Typically, the modern world depends on oil for development and existence. Oil is beneficial in powering motorcycles, trains, cars, planes, and trucks. The impact of the world without oil would be catastrophic since the other energy alternatives would not suffice to drive global economy.
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Peak Oil- the most important event to take place int he 20th Century
The first problem comes in when the main experts on the peak oil subject all concur that peak oil is on the verge of happening; basically quite a number of experts show how the fateful data will happen somewhere between 2004 and 2014 which translates to-now.
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Oil industry remains unique and critical to the world economy and there attracts global attention with significant influence in economic policies and events. It is important to undertake a study on Oil industry from a bigger perspective ranging from production to supply and final consumption.
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Non-transportation Uses of Oil
Based on the different types of oil, its varied uses can be derived. This paper shall discuss the different non-transportation uses of oil. It shall consider the different types of oil and derive its uses from said types. This paper seeks to illustrate that
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that America in comparison to other global states maintains high demand for oil due to its diverse economical facilities that depend on the commodity (Bruce, 2007). These entail transport and industrial besides other domestic purposes that heavily rely on oil or petroleum
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