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EMC Testing and Standards in Transient Immunity Testing - Assignment Example

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The present assignment "EMC Testing and Standards in Transient Immunity Testing" is focused on the principles of the electromagnetic compatibility performance. Admittedly, EMC refers to the capability of an electronic component or system to work optimally without any fault…
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EMC Testing and Standards in Transient Immunity Testing
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Download file to see previous pages As early as 1979, the United States government started handling complaints from people that were complaining about their television receivers being interfered with other signals from computers and radio. The arm that was responsible for receiving and processing these complaints was the federal communications commission (FCC). The FCC decided to establish regulations to guide them and system designers in order to curb future EMIs. There are various digital devices that are subject to the codes established by the FCC where a digital device is any unintentional device or system which produces and uses timing pulses in the excess of nine thousand pulses per second. This definition covers anything from a computer and a typewriter to laser printers (Fassbinder, 2002).
The regulations put a limit on acceptable emissions that can be generated by a digital device. A conducted emission is said to be the emission that exits a power cord of a device and the frequency is typically in the range of 150 kHz to 30 MHz the FCC compliance is required to be displayed on the device (usually a sticker on the back of the device) and devices that don’t meet this criterion cannot be sold in the United States. A violation of these regulations can lead the FCC to invoke their statutory powers and the violator can be jailed or fined heavily. The implication of this is that designing of a system that fails to keep in mind these standards might be cheap to produce but eventually expensive in the long run since it would be impossible to market a noncompliant device. It is therefore mandatory for the system designers to ensure that the electronic systems they develop are compliant (Keenan, 2003). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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