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Changing of Aviation Technologies - Research Paper Example

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According to the research findings of the paper "Changing of Aviation Technologies," several research projects on several subjects related to aviation are on simultaneously all around the world, the ICAO will need to keep on making choices on what new technologies to accept as standard. …
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Changing of Aviation Technologies
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Extract of sample "Changing of Aviation Technologies"

Download file to see previous pages At the same time, ground handling, airport management and services have also evolved with more focus on safety, reliability, efficiency, and passenger comfort. All these technological advances have helped the civil aviation industry grow over the years. As this growth in passenger volumes continues, the need and scope for innovation in the aviation sector also continue to remain large. Thus, the coming years are likely to see more technological advancements. While some may bring about relatively small changes, others could be capable of changing the dynamics of the business in the civil aviation industry and could be adopted by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) in its future framework.
Recent technological advances in the airborne elements of the aviation industry include breakthroughs in all aspects of the aircraft – aircraft body design, control and electrical systems, safety, engines, and cabin design. There have been a large number of technical advances in each of these areas, so we now look at some of the major advancements for each of these systems, and some of the technological advances that might be possible in future.
The aircraft body has undergone several important technological advancements over the years. Some of the key changes included were in wing design, body material, fuselage design, and front mirrors. The longer and slimmer wings reduce the drag and help the aircraft glide better in the air thereby reducing fuel consumption. For a long time, aluminium was used to make the fuselage as it was light and strong. New technological advances have produced composite materials that are even lighter and stronger than aluminium. The fuselage design has evolved from being a simple toothpaste tube to being curved and shaped to provide more internal space, better aerodynamics, and more strength. Front mirrors in the aircraft have also undergone technical advances to increase the pilot vision (front and side) especially at the time of parking an aircraft and to prevent glare during flights.Further design improvements that seem possible in future include the blended wing body (BWB) where the aircraft has a flattened and airfoil-shaped body. This design allows a high wing-lift thereby reducing fuel consumption. This means that the aircraft is able to carry more payload as it can generate more lift. The key future implication of this design would be more aircraft capacity. It might also mean a design adoption at the airports to be able to park the aircraft, and for embarking and disembarking of passengers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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