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Construction Technology: The Urban Landscape - Research Paper Example

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This research aimed to select a site for site investigation and understand the ecological characteristics of the biota of cities model, examine the history of the site, study ground conditions, identify if there are obstructions in the ground such as post office tunnels, underground railway etc…
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Construction Technology: The Urban Landscape
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Download file to see previous pages The biodiversity of urban habitats in Birmingham (England) has a combination of field surveys of plants and animals with explicit modeling of selected mammal species. The aim of the project is to: (i) establish feasibility in the light of external constraints, with the terrain, with its local environment, and the activities of neighbors’ if any; (ii) take and study the character of the site as a whole; (iii) more specific information about possible locations within the site including topography, environment prospect, services, possible constraints on construction activities be collected as much as possible.
The results suggest that cities provide habitats for a rich and diverse range of plants and animals, which occur sometimes in unlikely recombinant communities. The study illustrated the relative importance of habitat quality on individual sites as opposed to site location within the conurbation.
This suggests that dispersal for most of our urban species is not a limiting factor in population persistence, although some elements of the flora and fauna did appear to have some geographical structuring. Theoretical models suggested that dormice and water voles may depend on linear habitats for dispersal although field-based research did not provide any evidence to suggest that plants or animals use urban greenways for dispersal. This finding indicates the importance of identifying dispersal routeways. It can then be suggested that planners can have a positive impact on urban biodiversity by slowing the pace of redevelopment and by not hurrying to tidy up and redevelop brownfield sites. Urban areas are highly modified and complex landscapes, within which green or open areas are seen as valuable for human well-being as well as wildlife (Pickett et al., 2001, 2004). The biological processes of dispersal interact with the landscape structure in determining the distribution of populations of species present (Niemela¨, 1999).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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